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KZ AS10 IEM 5 Balanced Armature Driver Earphone, Stereo HiFi KZ in Ear Monitor...
  • 5 Balanced Armature Driver KZ AS10 Earphone: With 5 balanced armature driver on this KZ in ear monitors, 5 balanced armatures response from Low to High frequency, add more definition and show more...
  • HIFI Sound: Impressive punch and impact of bass, fast and accurate with quick attack and decay.Full and warm Mids with excellent detail. Highs are well extended but not overly boosted. Sound stage is...
  • 5 Armature Driver Details: KZ AS10 musician in ear monitor uses 5 driver, include one 22955 BA driver for Lows can be comparable to the traditional dynamic driver. 1 piece 296898 for Mids, 2 pieces...
  • Detachable OCC 2 Pin Cable: Like most of other KZ headset, This KZ AS10 earbuds headphone is equipped with detachable cable, if original cable is broken or want to have a try for upgrade or other...

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In-ear headphones are electrical devices used primarily by professional musicians, stage actors, and audio engineers to listen to recorded music or to hear live stage music in private without interrupting the performance. These types of headphones are also frequently used by stage performers as an aid to enhance their audio quality on stage and to create an additional audio component for the audience. Many performers use in-ear headphones to create a sense of isolation from the audience because they do not disturb nearby people. For instance, rock musicians may use headphones to block out background noise during a concert and to isolate themselves from the audience.

The term "in-ear" (or "ear") headphones is somewhat misleading, since the earphones can be worn with or without the earring. Maintaining proper hearing protection is essential to wearing these type of earphones, especially when driving, operating machinery, or operating any sort of electronic device. IEMs (in-ear monitor) are made by several different manufacturers such as Bose, Sennheiser, and Sony. Each manufacturer has slightly different shapes and sizes, as well as various materials. Makers of these in-ear monitors have also developed additional technologies that allow them to work better than regular headphones.

Maintaining proper fit is important in any type of hearing device. Proper fit is necessary because the IEMs need to accommodate the ear canal in order to perform properly. Most in-ear monitor producers produce custom fit models that take the shape of the ears and are slightly smaller overall. Some manufacturers produce elongated models that are specifically created to fit tiny or large ear tips.

Sealing the ear canal is also critical to Iem performance. Since IEMs require correct seal to work properly, improper seal can result in an IEM failing to reproduce high quality sound. Earphones with proper seals will help prevent external noise from entering the ear canal. Improper sealing may also lead to lack of bass response and poor sound quality.

Bass response is also important in IEMs. Good bass response helps to enhance and emphasize music. Without appropriate bass response, a good IEM can cause tinnitus or other health issues. A subsonic filter on a IEM can improve bass response. A subsonic filter is a low frequency response enhancer often used in conjunction with IEMs with superior sound quality.

Some IEMs offer built-in receivers for providing superior sound quality with the help of Bluetooth or wireless technology. These wireless in-ear monitors are becoming more popular among high-end IEMs. The receivers feature an inbuilt amplifier that allows connection to Bluetooth devices or wireless phones. The receivers also have built-in sound drivers that utilize digitally processed sounds for producing enhanced audio quality.

When you are purchasing IEMs, be sure to check the ear tips for proper fit. Most IEMs have small pads with soft silicone tips in order to provide a comfortable listening experience for long periods. If you feel your ears are not properly fitted to Iem cans, you can use special IEM ear tips that correct the position of the tip for a more comfortable fit. IEMs with custom fit ear tips are available. You should also make sure that the headphones are recommended by your doctor.

Once you have found the perfect pair of Iem headphones and earphones, you must make sure that the devices operate properly. It is a good idea to listen to any pre-recorded audio samples on your computer, to get an idea of the Iem's sound quality. In general, the Iem models that are manufactured by reputable companies have worked well for audiophiles.

You can obtain great sound quality from IEMs, but you might find the realism lacking when listening to recorded music or other live performances. To get around this problem, you can use the virtual Iem feature, which is available in most leading iems. The virtual Iem lets you experience the audio quality of an IEM at its best without having to purchase a real pair. It functions by reproducing the sound of the speakers without utilizing any physical devices. If you have a good pair of headphones and are planning to purchase an IEM, you should definitely consider the virtual Iem.

You can use the sealed foam ear tips of IEMs to reduce outside noise. Iem earphones come with specially designed foam ear tips to eliminate external noise. Iem earphones also have larger than life, one-inch ear tips to provide superior sound reproduction. Iem earphones have larger ear pads to provide optimum noise isolation. These high quality Iem earphones are very comfortable to wear because they are cushioned on the ears for superior noise isolation.

Another benefit of IEMs is that they promote proper hearing. Your hearing will improve because the Iem's tiny microphones pick up only the slightest of sounds. This enables Iem users to filter out background noises. Iem owners can now hear only the sounds that are important to them, eliminating hearing damage caused by everyday, distracting noises. The tiny microphone included in all IEMs works in tandem with the foam ear tips to deliver true sound clarity.