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Fender Alder Stratocaster Body - Vintage Bridge Routing - 3-Color Sunburst
  • Durable Gloss-Polyester Finish
  • Routed for SSS Pickup Configuration
  • Routed for Vintage-Style Bridge Mounting

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The Stratocaster is one of the most popular guitars. It is not a very hard guitar to learn on and many guitar players who first buy one find out how wonderful it is. In fact, these guitars have gained in popularity over the past few years because they are so versatile. They can be used for blues, jazz, heavy metal, or any other type of music a guitarist can dream of playing. Both the electric and acoustic versions of this great guitar are great guitars.

A Stratocaster looks just like a regular acoustic guitar, but is two-piece with an added bridge on the lower side of the neck. The reason the Stratocaster has such a diverse range of sound comes from the single coil pickups located in the bridge. The magnets pull the pickup closer to the neck of the guitar, which changes the resonance of the sound. Basically the Stratocaster is a good compromise between a regular acoustic guitar and a rock 'n' roll guitar.

Since the Stratocaster is a nylon string guitar, you do not need to buy a new guitar neck, you just buy the replacement neck from the original manufacturer. Some Stratocasters even come with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard. If you want a Stratocaster, you can also choose from mahogany, maple, or even basswood.

There are three main features to a Stratocaster. These are the neck, the bridge, and the nut. The bridge is what connects the bridge to the body of the guitar. It is often called the " Stratocaster bridge." The nut is what holds the neck in place, and it is called a " Stratocaster nut."

When looking for a guitar, it is important to pay attention to these three parts. The body (the weight and shape of it) and the fretboard (its top) are important because these three things will determine how the guitar will sound. The bridge is crucial because it connects the neck to the body. The bridge's job is to allow the player's fingers to access the upper fretboard. Fretboards are often made with various wood types.

Another part of a Stratocaster is the headstock. A Stratocaster has a "shaker" on the headstock. This is basically a wooden piece that supports the neck. Many people think that the headstock is an added feature, but it actually just enhances the Stratocaster's acoustic quality. The tremolo, on the other hand, adds tone to the entire instrument.

Strats have traditionally had single-coil pickups. Today's Stratocasters have humbucker pickups in the bridge position and piezoelectric pickups in the neck. The combination of these two pickups produce a richer and fuller sound than single coil pickups. Because there are so many moving parts in a Stratocaster, it's important to find a guitar that has the proper balance between its electronics, pickup system, and guitar body. Guitars that don't have the right balance can act funny when you're playing and can make your guitar out-of-tune.

Guitar players from all genres have learned to play the Stratocaster. The nylon string guitar is known for its versatility and the Stratocaster is the go-to choice for bluegrass, jazz, and blues players. Jimi Heredrix of Alice Cooper and Eric Clapton of AC/DC fame have played the Strat. Even bluegrass and jazz players have used the Strat to create their sounds.

Many of the Stratocasters sold today are solid alder bodies. These bodies are hollowed out to provide space for the pickup and amplifier circuitry. Acoustic guitars are usually either alder or basswood. Some players prefer the warmth of basswood while others like the smooth tone of alder. With a Stratocaster you're also able to choose which style of fret board to use - ebony or Sunburst.

A Stratocaster can be equipped with an acoustic or electric pickup selection switch. An electric pickup is fitted with a switch that allows a pre-amp sound to be input through the Stratocaster. On the other hand, an acoustic pickup is fitted with a switch that lets you use an electric pickup. Without the switch, the instrument uses the standard wiring. If you want the Stratocaster to be versatile, consider using a pickup switch that lets you run both pickups through the amplifier. This is useful for players who want the ability to change their sound for different venues.

Today, many guitar players choose the classic Stratocaster as a model for their first electric guitar. It has a good sound that's not too far off from other acoustic guitars in its era, and it has a unique look that sets it apart. Two-point tremolo systems have become popular for this reason, and one piece neck guitar pickups are a popular option for guitar players who want something unique.