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panko gelev

Yousician vs Rocksmith

Finding the best alternative way of learning guitar

Learning guitar is a rewarding but complicated process. You can take two approaches, the life lessons, or the online lessons. And online lessons are very tempting since they offer to learn on your schedule and at your own pace. And although some guitar lessons sites which are proven for their quality content and efficiency, their approach is quite serious and requires a lot of dedication.

That’s why several alternative ways are almost as productive, mostly they include entertainment and games. This is good if you are picking up learning how to play for a hobby, and your mind is already overwhelmed from day to day activities. 

The two biggest products that use gamification when it comes to learning guitar are Yousician and Rocksmith. So let’s dig in and see what they have to offer and eventually which one is better.

Things to consider before choosing between Yousican and Rocksmith

The first steps in learning guitar can be problematic if they don’t start the right way. A slow and boring start is the number one reason why people give up playing guitar before they even start getting good. That’s why Yousician and Rocksmith take this shortcoming and work it into their advantage by making learning how to play the guitar an exciting process.

The way they work is sufficient because mastering songs is a great way to learn chords, scales, and melodies, and also very beneficial to gaining rhythm. The fact that during the process of learning guitar they are genuinely dedicated and playing games makes it an excellent program as alternative learning for beginners. It is especially true for Yousician.

There is not much for mid- and upper-level guitarists here except for those who want to play their favorite songs in the spirit of rock music. And of course, those who enjoy guitar games. 

These two products are for people who are tech-savvy and who respond to alternative learning styles. 

Yousician is an application that can work on Android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS systems.

Rocksmith, on the other hand, functions as a proper game available for PC, PS3 and PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. 

Both Yousician and Rocksmith are very similar in the way of being played. It is commonly used at home, especially Rocksmith, which requires a computer, console, and a TV, and Yousician which needs a quiet environment to function.

Considering they both use the game approach to make learning guitar fun. The two essential things to consider before buying either of them are price, and available conditions (device and space).

Let’s see what we get – the ups and downs 

Yousician is an app initially intended for learning guitar. It’s a great alternative to online guitar lessons thanks to a more fun approach. And beginner program that starts from the very beginning with the most straightforward melodies and chords plus basic music theory.

This learning app is aimed more at acoustic guitar because of its volume. It’s because the app receives the sound through the device’s microphone and harmonizes it with the notes on display. Besides the Yousician guitar option, there is also a program for bass guitar, ukulele, piano, and vocals.

Rocksmith, on the other hand, although it is technically a learning game, it is still leaning more towards being a game. More difficulty levels can make playing songs easier or more complicated, depending on your preference. Although it doesn’t sound very educational, it’s still great for acquiring guitar techniques in a very fun way.

With Rocksmith, most songs played with an electric guitar that connects to the console via a separate cable that synchronizes the guitar with the notes on the screen. Rocksmith’s additional instruments include the bass guitar, rhythm guitar, and keyboards.

Yousician pros

  • Step by step program
  • Good for beginners
  • Bass guitar, ukulele, piano, vocals available
  • Works with most of the devices

Yousician cons

  • Not a lot of video lessons
  • No program for intermediate or advanced guitarists
  • Limited song list

Rocksmith pros

  • Fun learning game
  • Good for learning songs and solos
  • One time purchase
  • Bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, drums and vocals available

Rocksmith cons

  • Not very suitable for beginners
  • No music theory lessons
  • Limited song list

Getting into the details

To see which one is better for learning guitar, we will start with their similarities and what makes them good in this category.

The most striking common feature is playing the guitar in real-time. When the song starts, to be played correctly, timing is just as important to playing as hitting the notes on the frets accurately. Without it, it is impossible to play any song correctly. Makes the practice similar to practicing with a metronome but in a much more interesting way. Sounds cool, right? 

Another important thing is for the guitar to be in tune so both games can recognize the right notes. That’s why tuning the guitar is your first task.

The virtual guitar fretboard and tabs on the screen

On Yousician, the notes are displayed as tabs, a very common way of reading guitar notes and chords. Makes learning very visual and easy to manage.

Unlike Yousician, Rocksmith’s way is quite different. The virtual fretboard notes are displayed at a. The main purpose of Rocksmith is to get the player to keep playing the game. Rather than learning how to play with just an instrument.

The timing

The Yousician guitar note recognition system is straightforward. The microphone from the device receives the sound from the guitar. Then syncs it with the tones from the fretboard on the screen.

Rocksmith can be a different story. Because the sound of the guitar is transmitted over two cables, Rocksmith often has problems with timing latency problems. There is a solution to this problem that requires extra wires, but it can get very complicated.

The beginner lessons

The main focus of Yousician is the video lessons, which means they have developed a good step by step program.

The video lessons are followed by the tabs in motion which teach you the first melodies and chords.

Rocksmith also has lessons, but they are more of tutorials to help you use the guitar as a controller. Along with the lessons, there is a difficulty level setting that allows every guitarist to take a hit at each song.

What happens when something’s not played correctly?

Yousician takes its time to explain where the mistake was made, and if you fail to pass the level, progress to the next one is halted. However, Yousician explains how to correct the error by repeating the same exercise. It’s super useful for beginners or guitarists who aren’t in a hurry to climb the next level and want to make sure they are mastering the technique.

Rocksmith has a similar solution regarding progress and climbing levels. Each song is divided into sections, and this makes it much easier to focus on the problematic part. The same sections can be slowed down. This adds extra time which helps to detect any obstacles when playing.

Song list

When it comes to the song list, Yousician is not that good. Most of the songs are not challenging at all and are selected to cover all the instruments studied here.

The worst part of the famous songs is that they are not real but cover songs by Yousician musicians. Yousician is probably due to legal rights fees but can kill joy when playing your favorite song, which is good only for practice and learning.

Unlike Yousician, Rocksmith is more challenging and a lot more fun.

With all the songs here in the original version the feeling of playing the notes played by Slash is a great experience. The songs are chosen for the sole purpose – to help you rock on!


The way these two products are purchased is different. For starters, Yousician has a 7-day free trial. However, this free trial allows you to register for the annual premium account, which is activated at the end of the free trial. With this, if you do not like the application, you should be careful and remember to deactivate the account and cancel your membership.

The pricing is similar to most of the online guitar lessons sites and services:

  • Monthly premium – $19.99
  • Annual premium – $119.99
  • Monthly premium plus (all instruments included) $29.99
  • Annual premium plus – $179.99

Rocksmith is a one time purchase and can be found on many video game selling platforms or e-commerce sites like Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, etc. The price generally ranges around $29.99 but with no special cable included which is annoying. The cable costs extra around $29.99.

Also if you want bigger song lists, you can buy additional songs for an extra charge that can range from $3 up to $12 which is also a bummer.

So what do other people think? 

User feedback is on both fronts, same for Yousician and Rocksmith.

Positive feedback from Yousician users is that it provides an excellent and straightforward program for beginners and the fact that the non-standard guitar learning principle is an enjoyable alternative. The most common adverse reactions among Yousician users are the song list, the customer support service, and having difficulties when trying to cancel the annual membership.



With Rocksmith, the most common positive reviews are about the song list, as well as the easy and exciting way to learn them. The most significant disadvantages of Rocksmith are technical problems such as detecting the right rhythmic and melodic notes.



What else is there?

Yousician and Rocksmith are great guitar learning platforms that are based on gamification and providing entertainment. However, if you are interested in learning how to play, there is heavy competition amongst the online guitar lesson sites where the focus is on the learning rather than playing games.

  • Guitar Tricks

As a guitar player who is a fan of online lessons, you must have heard of Guitar Tricks. If you haven’t, now’s the right time to check it out. 

Guitar Tricks is one of the oldest and best online guitar lessons sites out there. An excellent step-by-step program, over 11,000 lessons created by 32 tutors, site visibility, and superb usability are one of the biggest pros when choosing Guitar Tricks.

The range of lessons covers almost all genres of music, including blues, country, rock, jazz, funk, pop, etc.

The price of Guitar Tricks is standard for online sites of this nature.

The first option is the free basic membership with limited access to Tutorials, Technique Reference Library, Expanded Faculty, Expanded Artist Categories, and Community Features.

The second option is 14 days of free trial with full access to all features.

After the free trial, it can be extended to $19.99 per month and $ 179.99 per year ($15 per month).

  • The other option besides Guitar Tricks is TrueFire.

Here you have everything you need to reach the next level.

Unlike other sites for online guitar lessons, the target group here is the intermediate and advanced guitarists. Throughout its 28 years of existence, TrueFire has made over 40,000 lessons spread over 820 courses. These lessons cover all genres of music.

On TrueFire you will find lessons and speeches by guitar legends Steve Vai, Andy Timmons, Larry Carlton, Pat Martino, and Rubben Ford. Something every guitar player who has any ambition in playing wants to see.

The pricing is standard for guitar lesson sites from this type. The advantage among the others is that the free trial lasts 30 days, which gives you a bit more time to try things out and see if it’s worth paying for the long run.

The monthly membership is $19.99, and the annual is $199.99.

Annually it is a little more expensive than other sites but worth it.

The bottom line is

So, Yousician or Rocksmith?

Yousician is a better option when it comes to learning how to play guitar thanks to a program whose main purpose is education.

But if you are looking for a bit more entertainment and are a true rocker Rocksmith is what you need!