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The Best Electric Drum Set For Kids

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Buyer's Guide

Best Selling Electric Drum Sets For Kids

Looking for an electric drum set for kids? For many families the answer is a resounding yes! To help out all the hopelessly elderly grandparents, cousins, uncles, Aunties and family friends we gathered this quick Buyer Guide for Kids Drum Sets to help them out. Whether you're looking for a basic drum set for kids or something much more advanced, we've got you covered. Drummers across the globe know how important a great set of drums can be, and now you too can get in on the groove!

One of the first things you'll want to check out when shopping for an electric drum set for kids is whether there's a built in headphone jack. Some sets do and others don't. Some of the newer models will allow you to use an external unit, such as an iPod or iPhone, to listen to the music stored on the system. Others still require a headphone jack. If your child has a lot of accessories, consider getting a set that comes with a built in headphone jack, especially if he or she will use it a lot.

In addition to the headphone jack, you should get a pair of little earbuds, at least. The built in headphones on some sets are fine, but their wires can get caught up with the extra "hats" on drumsticks and lead to a moment of lost bass. Your little one needs his or her ears to have good sound effects projection, so invest in a set with a pair of earbuds so you don't lose that valuable earbud. You might also consider getting an extra set of ear buds so both little ones can use their little ear buds.

Drummers in the past could not always play along with other players in their drum set. They had to stick with what they knew, but modern toys have made this possible with additional sounds, such as whistles and talking animated animals. In fact, many toddlers seem to be fascinated with the Talking Animals. They really have fun learning by copying the action of the creatures and playing along side their friends.

One nice thing about these sets is that they also have built in melody generators for easy sequencing. Preset melodies make for simple songs for younger children. At this age, kids start learning to create their own music and you want to make sure they learn good compositions before moving onto more complicated songs. This set has two drumsticks, so you can even start with a simple melody and add extra notes if needed.

For more advanced musical talent, the Rock Band kit has two additional sticks that are each assigned a specific role. When these sticks are combined, a specific rhythm can be played. This interactive feature makes it possible for your kids to learn how to play a song according to a musical theme. This is another great tool for enhancing musical talent and it is another reason to consider this kit for your youngster's next musical instrument.

The Big Drum set is a great educational kit because it contains everything your child needs to start learning how to play percussion instruments. It comes with a drumstick, cymbals, a metronome, and tom-tom pads. It is very portable, which makes it perfect for parents who do not want to spend money on a bigger drumset for their child. There is also a neat feature that allows kids to use a USB cable to connect their Big Drum set to an iPod or other device.

The Rock Band kit comes with a pedal and a microphone. The kit has three types of pedals, including a ride cymbal, a tom-tom, and a bass drum. There are thirteen cymbals in all, and each has a different type of sound, such as a metallic, percussive, or even a smooth and silky feel. The Big Drum set is a great investment if you are looking for a quality kit to start your child out with because it is a durable set that comes with great features.