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Fender just might be making their way back into the arms of serious guitarists. After nearly two decades since the release of their limited edition "Bassbreaker" models, Fender has returned with a whole new series. Now, Fender is open to blowing the heads off of heavy rockers once again, with their all new Bassbreaker Series.

Boasting a vintage tone and a unique look that evokes the sound of the early days of hard rock, Fender Bassbreaker amps will please any heavy tone-shy guitarist who still wants a meaner tone without destroying their wallet. The new Bassbreaker amplifier line features seven different amps each designed for a different genre of playing. For rock solos and other intense lead tones, the direct-drive Amps; five-piece tower speaker combos; and the pentatonic Bassbreaker humbucker and single-coil pickups are some of the Fender products you'll find in the market. The direct-drive speakers deliver powerful bass and drums without overdoing the midsuccess of the speaker. Likewise, the five-piece tower cabinet combos boast of aluminum woofer cones to provide extended bass lines and a solid construction for durability.

Fender's bassbreakers range extends to two formats, the direct-drive and the combo. The direct-drive cabinets feature the single-coil pickup and the dual humbucker and single-pickup channels for a variety of amplification options. Likewise, the two-stage tweed deluxe bassbreaker range offers two channels for the classic Fender tone - a high-quality humbucker at the bridge position and the classic volume control.

Fender's bassbreaker lineup also features a number of popular models. You can choose the models that are suitable for your tone and the amount of amplification you'll need. For example, the Mesa Boogie electric model is among the most popular. Its single-coil humbucker sounds fantastic when you're playing fast rock songs. Likewise, there's the Jazzmaster model featuring a special preamp section. If you prefer jazz tones, the company has a number of popular models including the Boogie King, the Black Magician, the Mastertone Six, and the Supernova.

In addition to these popular models, Fender has created a new model for the bass player's demands-the Fender Bassbreaker 15 powered by Mesa/Boogie. The Fender bassbreaker series follows the same design philosophy as the Mesa/Boogie amps; a solid construction, vintage tone, and five-way switching among master, Zone, lead, and rhythm. Boogie-style guitars are popular among guitar players, and the Fender Bassbreaker 15 will go well with your rig. The Fender Bass breaker also utilizes Fender's new "Pro" tone control knobs-an innovative feature that allows you to change the tone of your amplifier simply by turning a knob. And because it's powered by one or two-ohm speakers, the Fender Bassbreaker 15 lets you use both the boost and the bass control at the same time without worrying about getting over-heated.

Fender did not limit itself to traditional tube designs when creating the Fender Bassbreaker line. The company took advantage of its knowledge of vintage Fender amplifiers to create a model that looks and sounds like a vintage Fender. Like the Mesa/Boogie, the Fender Bassbreaker has a preamp section-a great feature if you want to experiment with different bass sound effects. And unlike many other all-tube guitar amps, the Fender uses a single-ended design for its six-string basses. Even its humbucker pickups have a vintage look and feel, as the humbuckers used on the Fender Bassbreaker 15 are fashioned after the famous "humbuckers" that were used on Fender's old" Stratocaster" models.

While Fender bassbreakers have a reputation for being loud and booming, its "Bass Breaker" series comes in a slew of different designs and tones. To accommodate the varying styles of bass guitarists out there, Fender has designed both the cabinet and the headstock so that it will fit seamlessly into any existing guitar amplifier. To keep things simple, Fender uses two standard sets of pickup positions: the "off-set" position where the pickup is flush with the pickup's dome, and the "centered" position which put the pickup in the middle of the speaker cone. All of the headstock and cabinet electronics are housed in a precision-tuned, textured black tower-style enclosure.

The latest addition to Fender's bassbreaker family is the Fender Bassbreaker 16, which is essentially an upgraded Fender Bassbreaker with a pair of specially designed humbuckers, one at the bridge and one at the tailpiece. These unique humbucker pickups create a massive amount of sound pressure and add a twangy twang to the tone of your guitar. They also help minimize feedback, which makes them ideal for both lead and rhythm sections. Many professional bass players use these dual humbucker pickups in conjunction with traditional single-pickup basses for a distinctive "twangy" tone.