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Guitar stands are designed with the intention of providing you with a practical means to safely and easily display your favorite guitars. Whether it be due to your wanting to have your favorite guitar easily visible in a confined space, or simply because you're playing out in a rock band, a guitar stands for that. Guitar Stands range from those designed specifically for a single instrument to multi-instrument stands capable of fitting several guitars securely. No matter your needs, you can find the right guitar stand to suit you.

One of the more popular types of guitar stands is the multi-instrument guitar stand. These stands have a single strummed neck but can accommodate up to four guitars with ease. Due to the fact that they only strum one neck at a time, this type of guitar stand is very convenient for players who frequently change their guitars. There's no hassle with adjusting the position of the neck, which allows you to quickly get to one guitar if the need arises. If you change guitars mid-concert, changing the strings, or even changing equipment, changing the guitar stand is incredibly convenient.

Single-strummed guitar stands are also very popular. They usually provide only one fretboard surface for you to play and use. This makes them more convenient for players with limited space, as they can quickly change guitars without having to leave the area in which they are playing. While a-frame stands may provide more surface space than single-strummed models, they are less stable, making them less comfortable for long-term usage.

Guitar Stands also come in other different shapes, including hexagon, octagon, and many others. Which shape will best fit your musical instrument and your desired posture is entirely up to you. While wall-mounted guitars are usually not recommended, stand-mounted instruments are available in both hexagonal and octagonal shapes. You'll want to carefully consider your posture while holding each instrument to ensure that it's the right shape for your body and is comfortable enough for a long period of time.

Guitar Stands are a good investment, whether you are a professional guitarist or just an occasional player. While most guitar players agree that good-quality guitar stands carry an overall positive impact on their playing ability, there are some players who do not feel that a guitar stand is needed at all. Regardless of whether you feel a guitar is an expensive toy that you don't want to be " burdened" by extra weight, the presence of a guitar stand in your home can be very beneficial. As your instrument is resting on adjustable legs, your posture will be better designed to promote comfort and minimize strain.

When purchasing guitar stands, whether, for one single instrument or multiple guitars, it's a good idea to invest in products that are solidly built and will last for many years to come. There is nothing worse than buying a product only to have to replace it a few months later. If you invest in quality, high-end equipment you can expect to receive a significant amount of extended warranty coverage should anything happen to your product? Quality stands often include hardware that will protect your other guitar gear from damage, such as hangers.

The Securi-T series guitar stands offer a wide variety of different features and accessories to make playing with your favorite equipment easier. Available in several different sizes and colors, the nitrocellulose guitar stands can be used with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolin/fiddle, and even bass guitars. The accessory features on this model include an adjustable backrest to ensure proper posture and optimal alignment of your arms, and adjustable leg rests to improve your posture as well. This nitrocellulose series guitar stand features a textured black finish to ensure maximum visual appeal and functionality.

All of these amazing guitar stands will add incredible functionality and beauty to your home. The addition of one or more of these incredible guitar stands to your existing home theater system will give it an instant upgrade. The added visual appeal of one of these wall-mounted guitar stands will definitely add a new dimension to your already stellar entertainment center. The only thing left to do is choose a design and style that suits you will be good to go. So take your time and find the perfect wall guitar stand for you!