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A music stand is usually a wooden or metal pedestal or rack designed specifically to hold sheets of sheet music or a score in place for reading. Most music stands for chamber music, solo instrumental or symphonic orchestra-family instruments may be raised or lower to accommodate standing or seated performers, or performers of various heights. The materials used to make these stands can be wood, metal, steel, or a combination of wood and metal. Prices will vary depending on the materials used and the quality of the products. The height and weight of the user are also important factors.

The most popular use for these stands is in the performance of an orchestra or band, for viewing the rehearsals or concerts of a local orchestra or group. Many orchestras have a "backstage" where all the musicians wait for their encore performance after the end of the performance. In these venues, the music stands provide an excellent view of the stage and the audience. Some contemporary venues use these stands as a podium on which the conductor or soloist may deliver solos, or as a podium on which the performers perform together. Sometimes these are movable and can be adjusted to provide optimum lighting and acoustic conditions. In addition, the light from the spotlight may illuminate the performers while on the platform, allowing for better sight alignment and synchronization.

Some people use lightweight stands as a desktop instrument case, a traveling gig bag, or a music table. These come in many designs, from exquisitely designed contemporary models with detachable music stands to fully-assembled lightweight stands suitable for both the home and the office. They are usually portable, because they can be disassembled for easy storage, while most are made of sturdy metal and have locking latches to ensure safety and stability.

Weight and Height Range Music Stands are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from four inches to eighteen inches. Some are adjustable and come in a height range from six inches to ten inches. Their weight range is variable as well, ranging from two-thirds to three-eighths of a pound. The length of the drop includes the width, which is usually not included in the dimensions. The height range is usually one to two and a half feet. Most of the stand models include locking feet with the ability to tilt the unit at a definite angle for optimal positioning.

Folding Stand May Be Better For Beginning Perpetrators Most contemporary sheet music stands come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. In addition, there are several different types of folding stand including single page, double page, tri-fold, accordion fold, and other designs. As a result, there is sure to be one to meet the needs of the beginning performer or the seasoned pro. The design of these stands ranges from being very simple with just two pages to more complex designs containing accordion folds. Some of these units are designed to be tilted forward for easy placement of the music sheets, and there are models that also include a pencil rest.

Stabilizing Ability Stands with this feature are very useful for the novice or inexperienced player. As music stands are used by multiple audience members, it is important for them to have a stabilizing ability so that they can remain center stage when the music is being played. The stability of the stand depends on the material used and the type of braces used. The most common material used for stabilizing stands is wood, although steel is also used.

Type of Rack The most traditional way of music stands being used today is by the type of rack found on piano or keyboard instruments. The rack provides a platform on which the musician or keyboard player can perform and play. Music stands with this type of rack system are made to be extremely stable to protect the performer from possible injury while performing. Racks can also be raised or lowered to provide more height to the performer for better tuning and coordination with the instrument.

Advanced Racks With this technology, the contemporary music stands now feature advanced locking mechanisms to ensure the highest degree of safety. The locking mechanism locks the sheet into place and prevents accidental movement. This type of music stands has a higher cost compared to standard sheet music stands, but these can also provide extra security. If the stand is being used by more than one person, it can be adjusted according to the size and height of each participant to ensure the maximum performance.