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The Best Omni Directional Microphone

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Choosing Between the Omni Directional Microphone Pros and Cons

There are many manufacturers of Omni Directional Microphone. They are Nokia, Samsung, and Phillips. The Omni brand is a very popular one in the microphone industry because of it's simple design and great build quality. They all make great microphones with some different functions, so I will go over a few of their more popular ones.

Phillips / Omni Directional Microphone - The Phillips Omni does a lot of the job that you would expect from a top of the line mic. It has a simple two-step switching that can record in both stereo and cardio. It also has a cardio switch for when you're running. They made the Omni DDI in three different models; a desktop model, a hand held model, and a vehicle mountable version. They also do a lot of the same thing as the Phillips Mic, but they also have a much bigger range.

Nokia / Omni Directional Microphone - The Nokia Oomy is another great microphone from the Omni group. This is an "entry level" microphone, which means that it's easy to operate and handle. It has the standard omni wave pattern captures sound feature, but has a built-in PC board that allows it to be used with PC software applications. That being said, it's easy to use and the program it runs can run on any operating system. The Oomy also has two microphones, which plugs into the PC by way of a USB cable.

Samsung / Omni Directional Microphone - The Samsung DMX200 is another very popular microphone from the brand. Like the Phillips, this is an easy to use condenser microphone with a range of functions. It can record in stereo and cardio, has a two-step tone control, and even has an auto pan function. A handy last update is that the model does not use the PC's signal processor.

Olympus / Omni Directional Microphone - Perhaps the best known Omni microphone is the omni duxiana. This particular microphone was one of the original beat makers first attempts at creating a condenser microphone. The Olympus made it into a studio and incorporated the anti-slip mat with the metal housing to make a very sturdy mic. The mic is extremely durable and was able to withstand years of abuse.

Rane / Omni Directional Microphone - This microphone has a very nice little design. It's very sleek and also surprisingly light. One feature that stands out is the built-in USB microphone designed to work with any computer or laptop. Another plus is that it is cordless, yet dust-resistant and has an anti-slip mat to protect it while in use.

Cool microphone like the above two is the mic manufactured by AKG. The mic is somewhat larger than the other two, yet it still folds down for easy carrying. It has a very unique yet futuristic sound to it. The last update was the ability to plug in your laptop, which also doubles as a power source. This makes the mic perfect for those on the go.

The above are just a few of the many popular omnidirectional microphones available. They provide a very solid sound quality, yet offer a bit more variety in terms of how you can utilize them. The best thing is that you can now purchase all four types at once without much trouble.

If you are looking for the best option, you need to think about the UTI-series or Triangular Walkman Microphone. The above models are all fine for most people, but for those looking for some added versatility, this is a great choice. These walkman recorders provide great sound quality and an easy to handle design. There are not many pros comparing this to the rest of the pros, but considering it's price tag, it's well worth it.

The above two microphones would be considered the more expensive options, however they provide incredible value for the money. The Omni Directional Microphone by AKG provides an extremely versatile recording surface. The only cons are that it does not have any auto-ranging features and its earphone jack may take up too much room on your bag. If that's an issue, then look towards the Flip Mino Auto Parasol with its extremely spacious earphone jacks and pop filter. The rest of the pros would leave this device behind, but for those looking to get a quality cardioid condenser microphone, the Flip has it covered.

When looking for the best cardioid microphone, consider the Flip Mino Auto Parasol. It has all of the above features and will allow you to easily turn the volume up and down while recording. It also has an extremely compact size and comes with a standard sized earphone jack. If you are looking for a solid condenser mic that has all of the above pros and minis included, then the Flip Mino Auto Parasol is perfect.