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P90 Pickup - What Should Be the Options When Buying a Vintage Sound Package?

P90 pickup is a sound signature that is famous among rap and hip hop artists. The sound that is created by this pickup varies according to the type of amplifier that one is using. A P90 pickup, which is also known as a humbucker, is used for lower frequencies. In addition, it has the ability to handle high frequencies. P90s are available in different models such as the PSSS, HSSS and the STS. To help you in understanding the functionality of P90 pickups better, the following discussion will be divided into its parts.

First of all, let us have a look at the mechanism of a P90 pickup. A P90 pickup operates through the combination of three parts namely: voice coil, dual coil and piezoelectronic component. Voice coils are characterized by their mesh bodies with dampers. Dual coil is meant for producing low sounds and piezoelectronic component is meant for producing extremely low sounds and sharps.

Another important aspect of P90 pickups is the humbucker's dual humbucker design. This design enables the humbucker to take great care of low frequency sounds. Some examples of humbucker guitars are the Fender Stratocaster or the Gibson Flying V. A humbucker has the ability to play mostly high frequency notes and its dual humbucker design helps in creating a balanced tone. On the other hand, there are P90s that have single humbucker pickups for playing softer sounds.

Next part of a P90 pickup deals with its wire frame structure. A p90 pickup usually consists of two cables with each pair connecting to a magnet in the opposite wire. The frequency of the sound produced depends on the wire current and its thickness. The bigger the size of the magnet, the lower the current and the deeper the sound will be.

So far, so good... But what if you want to make your guitar more musical? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many guitar players have tried to add more complexity by adding various additional hardware like the famous whammy bar. You can do the same thing by buying extra parts or by modifying your existing P90 pickup. Here are some tips for more elaborate humbucker pickups:

- If you like hard rock or jazz then the best hardware to put on your P90 pickup would be the whammy bar. The sound it produces is very unique and authentic. However, most people do not have one because it can be really expensive. One way to save is to buy a used one as they are very cheap. Two other popular options would be the chrome plated ones and the black powder coated models.

- Another aspect which needs some attention is the type of headstock. If you have a Telecaster, you need to go for the original Alnico II magnets as they provide better tonal balance. It would also be great to invest in some new strings as well. Your old strings may well be rusty and they do not sound that great compared to some of the new ones that come with your P90 pickup. The tonal balance can be greatly improved with some careful shopping around.

All in all, it all depends on your preferences. You can easily find many different P90 pickup models, and they are available at very affordable prices. So if you want a better tone for less money, then you should definitely consider modifying your existing P90 pickup to give it a better tone. The tonal balance is just one of the things that can be greatly improved with a little extra tweaking.