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The Best Power Ballads

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The Best of Power Ballads by Don Williams An album which has achieved great popularity in both the music industry and among the general public. Don Williams first came to prominence as a member of The Yardbirds, before going on to record many solo records. Besides Don Williams there are a few other notable voices in this band who have gone on to fame and fortune. They include John Entwistle, who played keyboards for The Who, Neil Young, fronted Joyce Atkins and still goes on to make solo albums; Ian Anderson, who went from playing in The Yardbirds to forming Queen and David Gilmour, who are both popular in their own right today. Don Williams left the Yardbirds after they broke up in the early seventies but went on to record songs for several other groups, including The Who and Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

A major theme running through all these Power Ballads is that of the struggle and ultimate triumph of the underdog. This theme was first picked up and developed by The Who in their hit song Who Needs the Dog. It later became a major part of the Sixties British pop culture and went on to feature heavily in such hit songs as I Forgot to Remember to Forget and You Are the Only Girl in the Town. The subject of underdog overcoming obstacles comes through in most Power Ballads and the lyrics and melodies frequently remind us of these popular songs.

In many ways the success of the Power Ballads is seen in large part by the longevity of its following. Of course, like many things in life success doesn't last forever but in this case it does. The songs have remained largely unspoilt by changing musical tastes and fads, whilst at the same time remaining loyal to their original sound and theme which is what has helped them to maintain their position as the world's number one power ballad group.

In many ways the group's success can be seen as a result of the success of their biggest hit, I Forgot to Remember to Forget. Although it has been replaced by the more modern versions of I Forgot to Remember, the original song is still a big hit with fans. One of the great things about Power Ballads is that despite the fact that they have changed over time and are now more mainstream, they have never lost their core fans. Their songs still reflect and speak to their core fan base. It is these fans that form the back line of most successful hard rock power ballad bands and that without them any band are nothing.

It is perhaps for this very reason that the original I Forgot to Remember to Forget is still as strong and commanding as it was when Tommy Lee wrote and sang it. It is also worth noting that most of the best Power Ballads from this era are about the struggles of growing up or the people growing up in general. Many of these songs deal with teenage angst and the ways in which teenage angst can affect a young person's life. In many ways these songs act as a warning or a tale for what could happen if a person doesn't take their difficulties seriously. In some cases the Power Ballads offer a dose of reality by suggesting that although teenage angst is hard to handle at times, life will generally be more tolerable if you can keep your head held high.

Tommy Lee's original I Forgot to Remember has a classic chorus that has been featured in many hard rock power ballads throughout the past few decades and it has always made an excellent opening line for a number of different songs. However, the chorus of this particular song has changed slightly over the years and as such has lost a little of its appeal to younger generation of fans. Instead there is a new verse which is slightly faster than the older original and this newer verse also works quite well as an introspective second verse.

A lot of the best and most memorable songs from Tommy Lee and the Power Ballads have included a number one hit or two in their lyrics and this particular track stands tall as one of them. When You're Gonna Raise The Sun was released in 1980 and despite the success it's still regarded as a crowd favorite. The song takes on a new level when the band adds their own vocal prowess to the mix and it comes together to form one of the first great American rock songs. The lyrics are about a young girl who wants to stop believin' and instead wants to raise the sun. It makes for a catchy number and Tommy Lee and the Power Ballads manage to pull it off.

One of the most notable moments from Tommy Lee and the Power Ballads is when he sings about broken wings and the loneliness of being away from home. It's a sad song, but it's a touching one as well and it ends with the lyrics being, 'You'll never see again'. The Power Ballads are without doubt one of the greatest albums that came out during the golden age of rock and they still tour to this day. If you haven't had a chance to experience their timeless sound, then now is definitely the time to do so. They are without question an American classic.