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Re20 - What You Must Know Before Buying

While the Electro-Voice RE20 sounds like a simple broadcast mixer, it's actually one of the most versatile microphones on the market. While the Electro-Voice RE20 does qualify as a standard broadcast mixer, it excels in any application in which the sound source isn't close to the microphone, bass heavy, high volume, or both. An extremely sensitive diaphragm on the front panel of the unit allows the user to experience true performance levels of broadcast quality. An internal adjustable pop filter also makes this especially advantageous for situations where the desired sound effect is high volume, such as in broadcasting, voice-overs, or even the vocalist who needs to be close to mic to get that perfect personal feeling. The unit has an easy to operate controls and a wide frequency range, so even a beginner will quickly find this to be an invaluable asset to their professional music production.

The re20 features two balanced dome microphone drivers, a standard cardioid pickup configuration for superior imaging, and an extremely responsive flat response curve. In addition, the diaphragm has a variable Curtain control for greater versatility. There is a compressor function which allows for an assortment of limiting. There is also a compressor function which helps cut down on internal noise.

As far as functionality is concerned, the Electro-Voice re20 is equipped with everything you would expect from a quality microphone. It comes complete with a precision-tuned frequency response along with a cardioid pickup for supreme accuracy. The microphone also comes complete with a standard 2-stage flat response curve which is highly efficient and accurate. The cardioid function cuts down on external noises while allowing for a crisp, clean signal.

An additional feature of the re20 that sets it apart from other microphones is the acoustic opening. Acoustic openings are used in conjunction with a diaphragm to lock theasonic wave form of the voice coil directly inside the microphone. This ensures a more precise tracking throughout the diaphragm. Other popular brands use an open air voice coil, but the re20 retains the mobility needed to be able to precisely control the direction of the movement of the air, resulting in a more precise tracking. This is especially important for recording, since a minor change in the air movement can alter the quality of the recording.

One other useful feature of the re20 is its variable-d design. This feature utilizes a patented proximity effect known as the "anodic lift." This allows the re20 to vary the high and low frequencies automatically, depending upon the proximity of the voice coil to the diaphragm. It also offers a flat response. These features work together to give the re20 a very consistent signal, even at the end of the recording process.

The re20's flat response is also caused by its variable-d design. When the re20's anode is biased toward the negative pole, which happens when the diaphragm is sealed, the re20 has a flat response. However, when the re20's anode is biased toward the positive pole, the re20 has a cardioid response. This cardioid response allows the microphone to provide a smoother, less distorted sound.

Recording engineers have found the re20 to be an extremely useful and versatile microphone. Some musicians prefer the flat response offered by this microphone, while others find the cardioid frequency response a turn-on because it eliminates some of the irregularities that can appear during live performances. In addition, the re20's consistent frequency response makes it ideal for use with live recording. Many engineers consider the re20 to be their favorite microphone because of its versatility.

With a cardioid pickup configuration, the re20 is especially useful for recording drum sets or live performances where a separate mono voice coil is used for overdubs. The re20's low level of hum will not interfere with the mono voice and will not cause interference with other sounds during a recording if the hum is taken care of by the mono coil. Some engineers find the re20 to be the best performing mic in the smaller sized world of electronic music.