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The Best Remo Drum Heads

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Remo drum heads

If you are looking for Remo drum heads, you will want to read this article in its entirety. When I decided to buy my own drums, I had no idea what to look for or where to go. I did some research online and discovered there are many sources online where I could get great deals on the exact type of drum I wanted or were looking for. I found the best way to find the right deal and the type of drum head to fit my musical style. If you are shopping online and looking for Remo drum heads, this is what I will tell you about how to get the best deals on this essential equipment.

To begin, you want to know your needs and wants when it comes to getting Remo drum heads. Do you need them for practice? Maybe you are getting them to improve on your drum set or as a beginner? You can search online for more information and determine what your needs are. They come in many size choices between 6 inches to thirty six inches and are usually regarded for their striking punch attach and solid balanced abovetones.

Some of the top Remo head manufacturers are Ron Laver and Snell. The most common style is the "pinstripe" which is named after the brand. These vintage looking heads are still popular with many drummers and have been for decades. They come in several different styles like the "snell", "pinstripe" and the "aquarian". Each one has its own unique sound that compliments a certain style of playing. So do some research on the different models and types to find out what sounds good for you.

You will also want to find out where you can get high quality drum heads. The internet is a great place to go to check out the selection of high quality drums and other accessories like casings, skins, pads, etc. You will be able to compare prices at several different web sites. You might also be able to order online and have the items shipped directly to your house if you don't mind paying shipping costs.

There are three basic styles of Remo drum heads. First, there are "open ended" heads. These are solid, round, pre-coated heads that rest on a solid dowel. You can pick these up for just under one hundred dollars. If you are just starting out or looking for replacement heads, open ended ones are a great place to start. You can find a wealth of information about these kinds of remo heads at my personal Web site, listed below.

A second style of Remo drum heads is the "plastic overlay" style. These are also made of two layers of mylar held together by plastic sheets bonded at the factory. They have a raised lip over each of the layers, to prevent warping and are typically rated at around forty dollars each. This is the more expensive of the two styles.

The final type of head you'll come across is the "duplex" style. These are very similar to the plastic overlay, in that they have a raised lip over each of the outer layers, but they have two layers of mylar between them, rather than just one. They are typically a little bit thicker than the plastic overlays, and can cost as much as three hundred dollars.

For more information on Remo drum heads, go to my Web site listed below. My articles there will tell you all about drum sets, snare drums, bass drums, cymbals, rackets, etc. I have even included some eBooks that go into greater detail about drum heads. In particular, I've got a couple of books that I highly recommend if you are looking for drum instruction. They're titled: Drumsoundering For Professionals and Drumsoundering For Amateurs.