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The Best Rock Ballads

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The Best Rock Ballads Ever! Is a compilation album from EMI, released in early 2021. It contains what is considered to be some of the finest rock songs ever recorded by global performers. This collection features songs by artists from genres ranging from alternative to classic rock. Songs featured on this album include hits by Aerosmith, Queen, Jagger, Rolling Stones, and other notable artists. If you like your music slow and mellow, then this collection is for you.

White Room A cover version of the popular song "White Room" by The Beatles. With the band name changed to "We Are the Champions", this track remains one of the very first rock ballads ever played on a major U.S. stage. With an introduction sung by Ringo Rose and an extremely fast paced drum beat by John Paul Jones, the song is a huge success. Many consider this song to be one of the greatest rock songs ever written.

Let it Bleed A great lens of white bedroom vocals from David Bowie and Janie Mazzarella. This is easily my favorite of all of David Bowie's songs. This is yet another amazing guitar rock ballad that features David Bowie on lead vocals. What makes this song stand out from other versions of "Let it Bleed" is the extremely fast tempo of the drums and David Bowie's voice at the top of the song. It's a remarkable sound that sounds like it was lifted directly from some of David Bowie's early records.

La Vida A Latin ballad about love. The title alone says it all. This is a beautiful and romantic song from Chicano music. It has a slower tempo than most Latin ballads but still manages to make the listener desire more. One thing that is commonly thought about when it comes to Latin ballads is the vocalization, which is at times can be very hard to follow along with.

Heaven Sent One of the biggest hits of the mid-90s, Everybody hurts. This is one of those songs that many people say has a "perfect tone." This is a wonderful rock ballad about lust and heaven. Everyone hurts because they are young, and heaven is for old couples.

I'm Only Dreaming Of You This is my personal favorite of all time. The lyrics are so touching and endearing. Not many people have the ability to create something as sentimental as this. This is my favorite of all time and probably still my favorite to this day. This is the definition of power ballads.

All You Can Love This is another great song by The Black Eyed Peas. There is so much emotion in this song, and many people would probably classify it as a power ballad. All you have to do is listen.

White Snake One of the most overlooked songs of all time, and probably one of my favorites. If you haven't heard this song, do yourself a favor and get to it. This song is about betrayal, and all the things that Bette Midler has said about white snake. So, white snake is the snake that tempts and destroys. It's about the purity of innocence lost. My favorite out of all of them is probably All You Can Love.

All You Can Love This is the first song I ever sang in a band, and it remains one of my favorite songs of all time. One of the first songs I ever sang in a band, and still to this day, when I sing it the tears just come rolling down my cheeks. This song is about falling in love and finding true happiness. I like all the songs by Bette Midler and the Oceana songs because they all touch on what I'm talking about, and they all speak to my heart. My favorite is probably, "All You Can Love".

All You Can Love This is probably my favorite of all time and probably still one of my favorites to this day. These songs are probably some of my favorites of all time. These songs speak to a purer woman. Bette Midler's songs have always had me crying and I am sure others feel the same way about her music.

All you can love these days is what the future holds, and the memories that you will have as a child of your life. I also am sure you will want to pass these songs on to others, so they too can enjoy the beauty of this timeless genre of sentimental ballads. That is what makes them great, especially if you are someone who likes to pass things on to your children or your grandchildren. So go out there, find some of your favorite songs, and start making your own collection of sentimental ballads for your kids and for yourself. They will be glad you did.