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Silvertone Instruments

There are some very few firms which have a longer history than Silvertone. The Silvertone company was established in 1932. Its founder was a silverseed glassblowing artist who also happened to be an accomplished guitar player. He designed the Silvertone pick by accident. It is said that he was listening to an orchestral piece and was listening to a low chord when he hit upon the concept for what would become the famous Silvertone sound.

Silvertone guitars owe their fame to their sound quality, style and their popularity among music fans all over the world. Silvertone guitars were first introduced in the USA in the early nineteen eighties; at the time they were being used mainly for folk music. But later they were adopted by bluegrass and blues players as well as rockers. In the nineteen eighties and nineteen nineties Silvertone guitars were extensively used in the recordings of such artists as Boz Scaggs, Percy Sledge, Jack Wilkins and Steve Vai. Their popularity increased when David Gilmour of Pink Floyd used a pair of silvertone amplifier/pickup in a few of his songs.

There are many models of silvertone guitars. The first two types are the round wound and the rectangular wound. The latest addition to this family is the silvertone single coiled pick up. This pick up has a single coil spring that creates a more compressed magnetoresistance band. The Silvertone single coiled pick ups have replaced many traditional metallic musical instruments.

A few silvertone brands are Wundt, Matsubara, Kohler and Gibson. It is hard to find the correct name of the manufacturer because there are many Wundt-made and Matsubara-made goods in the market. Among all these brands only Wundt seems to be a genuine maker. The other names are very popular but are not authentic manufacturers. These makers sell their goods under the names of Silvertone, Matsubara or Wundt. The name Silvertone brand is generally applied to both the brands.

With the increase in demand for silvertone electric guitars worldwide the need for genuine silvertone suppliers also increased. Many middlemen came into the industry with the misconception that they could sell Silvertone guitars or any other guitar made by any other company for a price lower than the original. These suppliers would buy directly from the major manufacturers at much higher prices. They would then charge high margin for their products. Thus silvertone guitars or any other famous brand name would end up getting damaged due to these kind of business transactions.

Therefore in order to avoid such kind of situation Silvertone released a limited edition series of guitars. These guitars were exclusively manufactured by the Silvertone Company itself. These guitars were a part of the Silvertone Vintage Series and bore the famous silvertone logo. The first batch of these guitars bore the signature mark of the famous silvertone musician Mario Lanza. He had designed the famous 'C' model for the first time in 1957.

The brand was established by Mario Lanza in 1963. Today the silvertone brand holds the title of the leading musical instruments brand in the world. Silvertone guitars, pianos, maracas, lutes and other famous musical instruments all bear the logo of the silvertone brand. Silvertone Electric Guitars and Electric Percussion Guitars are hot sellers around the world. Silvertone Electric Guitars have been a huge success due to their light weight and great musical quality.

As you can easily see the silvertone brand got its beginning with the Silvertone music boxes. Initially silvertone instruments were mass produced in large factories. Later as the demand and production increased so did the number of factory plants. Today silvertone guitars, electric guitars, maracas, lutes, cymbals, percussion instruments and other musical instruments all enjoy a high popularity among the music lovers. You will also find silvertone instruments in some of the top music schools in the world. Even some of the Hollywood stars and artists choose to incorporate some of the popular silvertone instruments in their film scores.