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Subwoofer Amplifier - Things to Consider

Looking for subwoofer with included subwoofer amplifier? Then it's highly advised that all the prospective buyers buy a subwoofer with at least the two year warranty period. This is definitely the best term for an ordinary subwoofer amplifier. Rather than overpaying for a useless warranty, save your cash to purchase a new subwoofer amplifier after a short span of time.

Why is a subwoofer important to me? Subwoofers help define the character and clarity of deep music. A perfect subwoofer amplifier must be powerful to produce low-frequency sounds while maintaining high quality of high frequency sounds. There are two types of subwoofer; one is for low frequencies and other is for high frequencies. A subwoofer amplifier must be capable of generating both types of sounds.

What type of subwoofer amplifier should I choose? The answer is simple, one needs to select an amplifier that has the sufficient power to produce the kind of sound that you want to hear. If one wants his music to have an authentic feeling then he should ensure that his amplifier has at least 200 watts of power. This is the minimum requirement of an average subwoofer amplifier. However, one can always search for amplifiers having additional features that would add to the power.

Subwoofer amplifiers for indoors use a lot of power while some can even produce unbelievable results. Those who wish to use subwoofers need amps that have at least eight ohm units. These kinds of amps are often used by restaurants and clubs that require huge audio. They can generate more than a hundred and twenty decibels of sound. If you are using a powered subwoofer amplifier then ensure that its wattage is equal to or more than four hundred watts. If it is less then the sound that will be produced will not be as strong as what one is used to.

If you intend to use a passive subwoofer amplifier then ensure that the wattage is equal to or more than eight hundred watts. If it is less then the sound that is produced will not be as powerful as what one is used to. If you have two subwoofers then ensure that the amp has a drive unit that has a sensitivity that is greater than one hundred twenty five volts. This is required if you wish to be able to get the accurate bass response that is required by your music tracks.

There are many factors that should be taken into account when choosing an amplifier. There are subwoofer cones that can be made out of rubber or metal. Depending on the material that the cones are made from will determine the quality of sound that is produced, and the bass response.

When it comes to subwoofers then ensure that you install them in the correct location. It helps if you place them facing upwards. Remember that one of the main benefits of having such speakers is that it improves the sound quality of lower frequencies. As such, it makes sense that you should place the speakers at a location where they will receive good bass response. This is why many people prefer to place the speakers in the attic or basement as these areas usually receive the best bass response.

A subwoofer amplifier can be made with different features. The most popular subwoofer amplifier is the direct box. The DBA (direct acoustic amplifier) is a passive subwoofer amplifier. One of the major advantages of the DBA is that it has low distortion. However, the DBA does not have a preamp, thus you need to use an amp that does have a preamp. On the other hand, there are subwoofer amplifiers that come with a preamp, but they also have better distortion reduction than the DBA.