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SUMMARY is a good place for beginners but not for advanced guitarist. It’s a user-friendly site with a lot of free lesons on Youtube.


How much does GuitarJamz cost and what are you getting?

Learning how to play guitar is easy. All you need is to own a guitar and, of course, to have a good tutor.

We all know the formula for owning a guitar, right? Money equals guitar. How about a formula for a good tutor?

The simplest way is online guitar lessons. You get 24/7 access to lessons anywhere (if you have internet)! Sounds tempting, right?

But choosing the right lessons is very important from the aspect of efficiency and price.

One of the most effective and popular sites is, our topic for review.

So, let’s see what GuitarJamz is all about.


Things to consider before purchasing a GuitarJamz membership

I’m doing this GuitarJamz review for you to know what it offers and whether it’s worth it.

It’s not an accident that is among the leaders in the online guitar lessons sector. This is due to the extensive experience of Marty Schwartz who has done over 2000 lessons.

Considering the fact that all lessons are created by just one tutor – Marty’s figure sounds impressive. To compare – GuitarTricks has 11,000 lessons, but 32 tutors.

The lessons are divided into three categories: beginners, intermediate and advanced, of which the last two are placed in the subclass – Master Class.

GuitarJamz for beginners

This is GuitarJamz’s main weapon. And the proof of this are the thousands of happy customers around the world.

The evidence can be found in comments on quorums and comment on youtube after each video.

Judging by people’s reactions, this is definitely one of the best, if not the best, online guitar lessons for beginners.

The schedule of the lessons is good. They are arranged so that after each lesson the student can notice progress. This is a great sign for boosting self-esteem.

Each section is slowly explained which gives you enough time to repeat or double check.

GuitarJamz has definitely mastered the formula for a successful guitar learning process. Which is why I consider it to be a great source for online guitar lessons and I highly recommend it for beginners.

GuitarJamz for intermediate level guitar player

The options offered by GuitarJamz are solid but limited.

For all those who have passed the beginner level, the start of the next step is well placed.

Almost all styles are covered, including musical theory (which is a huge plus).

But here is the first problem with GuitarJamz. With the lessons being created and taught by only one guitarist, it is impossible to cover all segments.

Songs from the level of “Sweet Child of Mine” are missing. Songs that are suitable for this category.

For those songs that are available, there are some parts missing that reduce their weight and originality.

Another thing that I consider a downside is that the process of explaining the songs is too slow if you are not a beginner. It can be frustrating and boring.
It’s great for beginners, but not for those that are ready to learn original songs.

Although, unlike the beginner level, where annual membership is good for learning how to play, the intermediate level has only enough information and tips to set foundations for what follows.

There isn’t enough material to justify annual membership for intermediate players.

For this level, I recommend GuitarJamz for a short period, not longer than 3 months, depending on how much you practice.

GuitarJamz for experienced or advanced players

I do not recommend GuitarJamz for advanced guitarists.

I tried it and as an experienced guitar player, I am not satisfied with what is offered for advanced players.

Marty is a great tutor, but not an extraordinary guitarist, which is justified. It is impossible to be good in both.

I have taught guitar and I know that the constant lesson preparation for your students and efficient practice of techniques and complicated songs is an almost impossible combination.
That is why it’s normal that there isn’t a lot of choice for an advanced level.
For example, in the category advanced lessons almost all of the titles of the lessons begin with the word – intermediate.


What GuitarJamz is all about?

One thing that separates GuitarJamz from the rest online guitar lesson sites is its creator himself – Marty Schwartz.

Even though he is officially the only tutor at GuitarJamz, thanks to his creative and exciting approach he manages to go side by side with the top online guitar lesson sites.

Another element that separates GuitarJamz from the other sites at the top are the DVD collections, which although a bit old fashioned they are still successful.

Marty Schwartz acquires the site popularity through free youtube lessons, as well as collaborations with big names in the music business, such as Tenacious D and John Kenesky, Brett Papa…

It’s ideal for beginners and for all those who want to learn guitar as a hobby and not take it too seriously.

So far, let’s break it down.

GuitarJamz: The main breakdown

The lessons for beginners have everything you would need to learn how to play.
They start with the first chords, rhythm, and melody.

Each lesson lasts over 10 minutes. Considering that each lesson solely solves one problem, that is very simple in the beginning, the videos are way too long, in my opinion.

The second step is the study of simple songs. After you go over the first lessons, the best reward is the satisfaction of a visible result, playing an actual song.
The songs are easy and manageable, which increases the number of options for choosing a song.

The third category is only for chords. This category is a bit of a filler because almost all the chords are explained in the previous lessons along with a combination of chords that can be found and studied through songs.

The last category under beginner is actually a very useful thing, epic guitar exercise.
It’s basically various ways of playing blues scales over multiple intervals and directions (up and down) as well as vertical and horizontal movement along the neck.
This is a good way to know how to practice the things you have learned. Because without a scheme it is very difficult to create your own training system yourself, although it is not impossible.

On the right side of the menu, you can find a guide that will show you your progress and gives you an option to mark the lessons that you have passed. This is great so you don’t have to look for where you left last time.

At the homepage, you will also find lessons for blues and country where you can learn chords, scales and solo playing.

The Blues section might be the best-developed part of GuitarJamz.
The blues learning procedure is simple but long. You will find that each segment of the blues is covered. There are some fillers here as well, but not enough to make a fuss.

The shape of 12 bar blues might be the most important thing in studying blues.

It helps you know where you are in each given moment, where and what chord should be played, where to begin and finish your solo, which helps you build the solo structure (start, highlight, the end, turnaround etc.)

Ok, so what can you play on this 12 bar blues form?

GuitarJamz offers:

  • Chords, phrasing, lead guitar, scales and a number of blues licks from multiple levels.
  • Techniques of playing: slide guitar, muting the strings and bending.
  • Styles and ways of playing such as Texas Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Hendrix, Rock
  • Blues, AC DC, Alman Brothers, ZZ Top, Funk Blues, etc.
  • Playing in more tones and tempo: slow blues, medium blues, fast blues tracks.
  • Playing with another blues player.

Next, to the blues lessons, there are also country lessons where the content consists of country style licks, country chicken picking techniques, chords, and rhythm.
There are also a lot of useful lessons inspired by Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, and Toby Keith.
Unlike the previous categories, here the head tutor is Bob Ryan.

In addition to the blues and country lessons, there is also a group of lessons named Guitar Licks.
This is a place with a great source of licks that can help you in expanding your solo vocabulary.
As before, the main focus is on blues music.
The lessons are divided into Texas Blues Licks, British Blues Licks, Marty’s Secret Guitar Licks, and Super Bonus Guitar.

The Master Class Section consists of four parts, in which the first two, the intermediate lessons/vault, are clearly the same (I do not get why they are split into two).

Advanced lessons are totally mistitled. The first 6 lessons in this section contain the term “Intermediate Soloing” in their title. That is completely wrong. The rest of the lessons are nothing more advanced than the previous two sections.
If you are looking for advanced lessons, you will not find them here.

The next thing is the Intro to Jazz Series.
Here you can find surface information for certain chords and scales. This is not a good way to teach jazz music. By teaching these lessons in Marty’s way (intended and effective for beginners) the effect is almost nonexistent.

The lessons are way too long. Losing half an hour to get information that can be explained in 5 minutes is the biggest downside to any Online Guitar Lesson site.

Everything mentioned in the Master Class lessons can be found in the previous lessons which make this part a complete filler.

I understand that Marty Schwartz can’t cover all styles and levels, no one can. But this shouldn’t justify the existence of this section.

The last of the things that can be found in the GuitarJamz lessons is Music Theory.
Again we come across the same things, rhythm and scales.

In addition to these two options, there is also a third one, songwriting. Here you will find how all diatonic chords function in a scale, even though as an example only the A scale is used.

Another useful information is how to play chords in an alternative way on multiple positions. This will come in handy when writing a song for two guitars. It also helps when you make more versions of the same chord because you can avoid the traditional, already boring sound.

GuitarJamz is download friendly. This list includes Ebooks and Jam Tracks. There is also a link to a mobile app which makes the whole experience easier.

The DVD collections are a very successful method offered by GuitarJamz, as I mentioned at the beginning.
They have developed an alternative way of taking advantage of the lessons. The advantage of being of course, that once you buy the DVD you don’t have to continue paying membership fees and you can use them as much as you like.

Of course, these are useful if the buyer plans to dedicate more than a year to a certain part of the learning process. If you find the lessons easy to learn, then buying a membership is the more logical step to take.


Now let’s see how much does GuitarJamz cost

As soon as you visit the site, there is information about a 3-day GuitarJamz free trial.
Although 3 days doesn’t sound like much, it is still enough to see if this is for you or not. If you take into account the free Youtube lessons as well, this option is completely fair.

Another good thing is that you can activate this trial with an email, no credit card needed.

This is one thing that users find problematic with other sites. Even though the trial membership is free with most sites, a lot of people don’t want to insert their credit card details online. So GuitarJamz is good for taking this into account.

In this free trial, there is also unlimited access to over 2000 lessons for beginners, blues and soloing as well as downloadable jam tracks.
The site also offers a GuitarJamz coupon which is for a 50% discount. Another good thing is that the coupon is automatically added and doesn’t require a GuitarJamz coupon code.

How much is GuitarJamz?

In addition to the free 3-day trial, there are 3 additional options:

  1. 1 month – $29
  2. 3 months – $75
  3. 1 year – $139

Of course the longer the period, the less expensive it is. With the second option you save about 14%, and with the third about 63%.

Compared with its competitors, GuitarJamz is a lot more expensive if you subscribe on monthly basis. And if you take into consideration what is offered, the price is not at all justified.
This might be the worst option among the Online Guitar lesson sites.

The 3-month membership deal doesn’t add up to a huge difference. The privileges are the same on all levels. Even though the money is always a factor, making a 3-month commitment is not worth it.
Now, unlike the previous two options, the annual membership is among the cheapest compared to all other major sites for online guitar lessons. The GuitarJamz price is $139 which comes up about $10 per month. Among the largest competitors, annual memberships are about $200.

If you are a beginner, an annual membership is the cheapest, and good, option because it offers everything a beginner might need.


GuitarJamz was made for beginners

I tend to do my extensive research when writing a review to see what other people are thinking. This keeps me from giving you a biased opinion and actually helps me deliver all the facts. So I did go through a lot of comments and reviews for GuitarJamz and as I said, beginners usually respond well to it.


What else can you try?

1. is one of the most popular pages for online guitar lessons, and in terms of quality, it might be the best.

As one of the oldest, it also has a huge selection of lessons, over 11000 created by 32 tutors. The lessons are very well organized. In a default scheme, of course, lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced, lessons for learning songs and tips.

Unlike GuitarJamz, the lessons for advanced guitar players are on a slightly higher level, and the song choice is much bigger.

From a financial point of view, GuitarTricks has a standard price of $20 per month and $180 annually. There is also an option for a 14-day free full access which is more than enough for you to check out the site.

2. Fender Play is another famous online guitar lesson site.

Like all the other competitors, the lessons are grouped into the standard three categories. The number of lessons is solid and the choice of songs is good. There is also a good number of lessons for bass and ukulele as well.

For starters, there is a 14-day free trial. The monthly membership is $20, which is the same as GuitarTricks, and the annual membership is $117 which is great. Compared to the GuitarJamz cost and the choice of lessons, I prefer Fender Play.


GuitarJamz at its core is a good place for beginners judging by the comments of the many users.
The slow pace for the beginner lessons is a good thing and it does the job efficiently.

The DVD option is still a success, but in my opinion, not for long. It’s strong side is having the lessons without purchasing monthly or annual memberships and doesn’t require internet access. But considering that internet is available almost everywhere, this solution is not much of a problem solver.

Even though it’s really popular and highly rated, I still think that considering the quality and choice of the lessons, GuitarJamz falls behind its competitors like GuitarTricks and Fender Play.

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