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Online Guitar Lessons

Best Places for Online Guitar Lessons

Technology has completely changed how we learn to play the guitar, in the past the only ways to learn was through in-person guitar lessons, books and VHS.

Nowadays is easier than ever with several excellent options available to you, the complete novice, the struggling intermediate, or the advanced player looking to achieve total mastery.

New year resolutions are a common thing all over the world. If learning how to play the guitar is something you have planned for 2019, now is the time for taking action and achieving your goal.

If you ever dreamed on learning how to play guitar and become the next Jimi Hendrix, there is no better time than now.

Here are the best places for you to learn how to play the guitar in 2019.


Founded in 1998, Guitar Tricks is one pioneer of online guitar tuition and they are always improving.

Through a variety of courses in several styles of music and you can watch over 11,000 lessons from the comfort of your home.

They designed the structure of the curriculum to help you improve fast. The core guitar curriculum is a clear path to take you from a beginner to a competent guitar player in a short amount of time.

Most lessons have accompanying tab and backing tracks to help you reinforce the concepts taught, GuitarTricks divided their lessons into smaller sections making it easier to learn advanced concepts.

They have a huge library of Song Lessons in several styles of music:

  • Rock
  • Surf Music
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Funk and Soul
  • Classical
  • World
  • Top Hits
  • Bluegrass
  • Beginners
  • Rockabilly

They split every song lesson into several smaller sections and contains tablature and additional tips and tricks.

The quality of the videos are excellent, the video player has a slow motion feature allowing you to slow down specific points of the video.


  • Great value
  • Variety on lessons
  • Loads of songs to learn from


  • No live lessons
  • Only streaming available


The frontrunner in online guitar learning, Truefire has been making stellar guitar instruction since 1991.

The site has over 33,000 thousand lessons covering several styles and techniques.

Their rooster of instructors it’s incredible, giving you the opportunity to learn from great players like Steve Vai, Pat Martino and Andy Timmons to name a few.

There are several paths to follow and most courses include transcriptions, exercises and backing tracks to enrich the learning experience.

Several tools like a tuner and metronome are available. Although a plethora of options for the beginner guitarist is available, intermediate and advanced players will benefit the most.

We definitely recommend TrueFire as the quality of instruction is spectacular. There are courses covering every little nuance of guitar playing like double stops, blues rhythm, funk guitar and their best-selling 50 licks you must know series.

It’s not the place to go if you are planning to learn songs as their library of songs is insufficient. Their own Instructors wrote most songs available so you won’t find Top 40 hits or timeless classics.

You can purchase every course separately or you can stream their full library for $19.99 a month.


  • World famous instructors
  • Complete guitar tuition from A to Z
  • Backing tracks and GRP files


  • Tiny song library
  • Some lessons are a bit outdated

Fender Play

Fender is famous for manufacturing the legendary Stratocaster electric guitar. Established in 2017 Fender Play offers a wide range of guitar lessons geared towards beginners.

The app has an extensive list of song lessons and features a slick user interface.

The curriculum features a great beginner’s course plus several other lessons covering different skills such as

  • Basics
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Glossary
  • Technique
  • Theory
  • Tone

Every song lesson features additional tablatures so you can follow along with the instructor. It lacks famous teachers as some of its competitors but they can still deliver a valuable learning experience specially for novice guitarists.

After signing up you can choose between rocking like John Mayer on an electric or to jam with an acoustic like Neil Young.

There are 5 paths to choose from:

  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Country
  • Pop

It’s a cheaper alternative to the other sites, but it lacks quality material for advanced guitarists.

If you sign up for the annual plan, you get a 14 day trial and a 10% discount on every product available at the Fender Online Store. (Deal not available for Custom Shop Instruments)


  • Great library of lessons for beginners
  • Awesome UI and web site design
  • Bass and ukulele lessons included


  • You can’t interact with the instructors
  • Lacks content for advanced players

Masterclass Tom Morello

Unlike the other websites on this list there are specific to the guitar player, Masterclass offers a range of lectures from world-renowned personalities in several fields.

Tom Morello is an extraordinaire guitar player famous for his work with the band Rage Against the Machine.

On his first ever Masterclass, he shares his secrets and tricks applicable to the beginner and the advanced guitarist.

It spans a wealth of knowledge for you to absorb whichever level you are in your journey as a guitar player. He covers a lot of ground: teaching scales, riff construction and tips for getting a stellar tone out of the gear you already have.

There are also plenty of lessons covering the history of rock and roll and stylistic analysis of several famous tracks from Tom and other Rock Icons like Jimmy Page, Tommy Iommi and Ritchie Blackmore

It’s a journey inside the mind of a guitar player considered one of the greatest of all time by Rolling Stone.

The cost of admission is $100 but a $200 annual subscription is available which gives you access to all previously released master classes.


  • Unique lessons delivered in HD video streaming
  • In-depth gear reviews.
  • History and case studies from great songs.
  • Techniques and insights from a living legend.


  • Expensive
  • Only one teacher


With Yousician, you have 3 different paths to learn guitar:

  • Lead
  • Rhythm
  • Knowledge

It has a cool library of song lessons to learn from. What sets Yousician apart from its competitor it is their feedback system making it a real interactive experience.

As a beginner you should be careful though as the app gives feedback based on your performance and not on technique so it can be harder to make serious improvement. One cool feature is that Yousician is an open platform allowing users to update content to the application, so you can learn from other Students and Guitar teacher alike.

Yousician works as a freemium business model. There are several bad reviews about their paid subscription services so you should test the free version first to get a feel if it will suit your learning style. Overall, it’s a nice way to learn if you are a real beginner but intermediate to advanced players should look further into other options.


  • An interactive experience
  • Developed for Mac, Pc, Android and IOS
  • The ability to upload your own songs


  • Horrific design and user interface
  • Unreliable technical support


Jamorama offers great value for beginners. With a couple of courses on offer as a free user, beginner guitar players can take advantage of the platform to start out with no upfront investment. If you upgrade to premium you have to pay $99.99 for lifetime access.

What makes Jamorama distinctive is their social approach to learning. The site works like a social network for guitar students allowing users to create avatars, receive notifications and chat privileges with like minded individuals.

One interesting thing about Jamorama is how they integrate gamification concepts to teach you guitar. This enriches the training experience by giving the learner extra motivation with a scoring system to support them to track their progress.

Another cool resource accessible for all Jamorama members is their Chord Book available as a pdf and is free. It consists of 76 pages full of chords and variations that could be helpful for beginners and intermediate players.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Social Community and Forum


  • Mark the guitar guy is the only teacher
  • Some videos are not in high definition

Andy Guitar

A prominent YouTube teacher Andy Crowley build a huge following with fun lessons aimed at novices. His videos get millions of plays a year so he expanded his success by building his own website.

At you can have access to many features of a premium website like Guitar Tricks at no cost. To support Andy, you can donate or purchase his premium courses.

Andy has a very captivating style of teaching and he can explain complex concepts into manageable pieces of information.

There are 6 levels of instruction:

  • Beginner
  • Improver
  • Intermediate
  • Rock Guitar
  • Fingerstyle
  • Blues Guitar.

He teaches many popular songs and provides many challenges throughout YouTube and his own website to keep his students motivated. He developed Learn Guitar in 10 days to teach complete beginners 10 songs, one a day.

As an android user, you can download his free app at the Google Play store. It extends the website to mobile devices, there is also a huge library of courses you can purchase through the app plus several free courses exclusive available through your phone.


  • Amazing value
  • Tailored to novices
  • Passionate Instructor


  • Not enough lessons for advanced players
  • Non native English speakers might find hard to understand.


If you want to learn the guitar online but fear of missing the feel of a personal guitar lesson, then Artistworks could work for you. Instead of choosing from a library of thousands guitar lessons, you enroll for a specific course with a selected teacher. Once enrolled you can access video lessons specific to the subject you selected.

One awesome feature is Video Exchange where you record yourself playing a specific technique or part of a song and upload it to the site for instructor response. The teacher will send you a video giving you feedback on what you can improve similar to an in-person guitar lesson. You also have access to all previously submitted exchanges from your fellow students so you can learn tips and tricks and avoid mistakes and bad habits.

Available guitar courses at Artistworks:

  • Electric Rock Guitar with Paul Gilbert
  • Electric Blues Guitar with Keith Wyatt
  • Electric Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapps
  • Acoustic Classical Guitar with Jason Vieaux
  • Electric Jazz Guitar with Dave Stryker
  • Acoustic Flatpick Guitar with Bryan Sutton
  • Electric Fingerstyle Guitar with Martin Taylor
  • Electric Jazz Improv Guitar with Chuck Loeb
  • Acoustic Dobro & Lap Steel Guitar with Andy Hall


  • Superb teachers
  • Several live courses
  • Video Exchange feature for gaining valuable feedback


  • Inexistent song library
  • The user interface is clumsy


Guitarlessons offers free tuition from Nate Savage and Andrew Clark. Presented by Guitareo, it is an excellent resource to start on your guitar journey. There are hundreds of lessons tailored for beginners, splitted into quick start guides.

There are 4 paths:

  • Beginners Course
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Lead Guitar
  • Blues Guitar

Through these paths you find 12 step by step lessons on the chosen topic.

There are also several lessons covering topics like guitar theory, reading music and ear training. As a student in, you can attend live sessions on a weekly basis.

These sessions covers several topics and allows you to interact with Nate and Andrew through a live webchat. It lacks a library of songs to learn from but you can watch Guitareo youtube channel where they teach you several songs, unlike a normal video lesson they optimize your time by teaching you over one song per video.

If you decide that Nate Savage is a good teacher that suits your learning style, you can upgrade for a Guitareo membership to have access to a wealth of premium guitar courses and resources.


  • Awesome free resource for beginners
  • Popular YouTube instructor


  • Limited curriculum
  • Not many songs to learn from


Guitareo is the premium offer from, teaching step-by-step guitar lessons through over 80 courses covering almost every style of music:

  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Fingerstyle
  • Heavy Metal
  • Bluegrass

The fastest way to become a good guitar player is to optimize your practice time, through several lessons, Nate Savage will guide you in the right direction. Learning the guitar is about building a solid foundation, so the curriculum will move smoothly, slowly building on each concept step by step.

Unlike other sites, Guitareo has an annual membership that costs $97 a year so we recommend testing to see if you like their teaching style.


  • Great bang for your buck
  • Diverse curriculum
  • Satisfaction guaranteed through their money back policy


  • Although there is a lot of content, the content lacks in comparison with TrueFire, GuitarTricks and JamPlay


JamPlay has been in the forefront of guitar education for the past decade. When you sign up for a subscription, you get access to guitar instruction heaven. We think JamPlay is an excellent choice for learning guitar.

The curriculum is awesome, covers every aspect of guitar playing. There are around 700 beginner lessons alone.

As a member you get access to Masterclasses from world class artists like Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) the amazing Kaki King and Bumblefoot to name a few.

JamPlay offers 12 hours of daily live guitar instruction from several teachers through a webcam, providing a similar experience to a webinar. You can interact with the instructor and have access to interactive tabs and backing tracks.

The amount of song lessons is unparalleled, hundreds of songs in different styles like:

  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Blues
  • Gospel
  • Folk/Bluegrass
  • Country
  • Jazz
  • Holiday
  • Teacher Compositions


  • Great for novices and aspiring professionals
  • Access to lessons from over 85 teachers
  • Amazing content and multi-angle viewing experience


  • The overall user experience can be improved
  • Missing several hits from the songs section

Tom Hess

World renowned teacher Tom Hess developed an amazing way to learn guitar online through one on one instruction.

You can start right away and delivers big results. To start, fill out a form with details about you, how long you’ve been playing and what styles of music do you enjoy.

Tom will evaluate your answers and will create a customized lesson plan based on your guitar playing goals. Through email communication, online forum and feedback on your playing Tom Hess can help you take your guitar playing to the next level.

After every lesson you receive a bonus based on your membership level. There also quarterly hangouts with Tom and other guitar players where you can ask questions and interact with other members.


  • Expert teacher
  • Custom lesson plan
  • Active community


  • Limited selection of music styles available
  • Expensive compared to membership sites


If you are skeptical about learning the guitar through membership sites, offers the opportunity to choose from several guitar teachers around the world. After browsing and finding a teacher that suits you, you can book your first lesson in a matter of minutes. This mimics the experience of going to an in-person guitar lesson but from the comfort of your home.

There is no standard curriculum so the quality of instruction will vary based on your instructor experience. The bright side is that you can test the lessons of several teachers before finding one that can help you achieve your goals.

It costs on average 10 to 20 percent less than attending a live guitar lesson and prices vary from teacher to teacher.


  • Cost effective compared to in-person lessons
  • Several Teachers to choose from around the world


  • Expensive compared to online guitar sites
  • Unstructured Tuition


Ubisoft is an award-winning video game company famous for games like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. In 2013 they released Rocksmith, a new way to learn the guitar through playing a game.

Famous guitar games like Guitar Hero inspired it, but Ubisoft took it to a whole new level. Using a real tone cable, you can connect your guitar to your computer, PC, PS4 or Xbox. It’s the most interactive experience available, the game will help you play right from the get go.

The most interesting features are:

  • Riff Repeater
  • Guitarcade
  • Session Mode
  • Lessons

Riff Repeater

In Riff Repeater mode you can isolate different sections of a song and adjust several settings to help you master difficult parts like a guitar solo or the main riff.


Just like a regular arcade, Guitarcade has several minigames to help you improve your playing focusing on specific techniques.

Session Mode

For you to improve as a guitar player its fundamental to jam with other musicians, Session Mode in Rocksmith 2014 allows you to play with a virtual Band. What is cool about this game is that the software adapts to your playing if you play fast or slow the band will adjust following you.

You can play with several musicians like drummers, bassists and keyboardists.


With more than over 80 interactive lessons covering several techniques, Lessons will help you improve through hi-resolution multi camera video tuition.


  • Awesome Interactive way to learn the guitar
  • It’s fun and challenging
  • Created to get you jamming in no time.


  • Not suitable for acoustic guitar
  • Needs a good graphic card if played from a PC


At you can access a wealth of free guitar lessons customizable for your current level.

By responding to a short quiz, Jonathan Boettcher the teacher will send you one lesson a week through email.

You can browse through the website to find popular lessons covering these topics:

  • Alternate Guitar Tuning
  • Chord Progressions
  • Guitar Chords
  • Fingerpicking
  • Strumming Patterns
  • Guitar Riffs
  • Guitar Scales
  • Songs
  • Theory
  • Improvisation

If you enjoy Jonathan’s teaching style and feels like the free lessons are not enough, you can purchase one of his 5 premium courses available at web shop.

In his most popular course Unlocking the I-V-V, Jonathan explains guitar theory in simple steps packed with examples. It shows you how the notes of fretboard connects in patterns of I-IV-V and how that relates to chord construction.

In Dynamic Rhythm Guitar, he breakdowns what it takes to master rhythm guitar playing, demystifying strumming patterns and the proper right-hand technique to groove like Leo Nocentelli.


  • Customized lesson plan
  • Jonathan is a great instructor


  • Advanced guitar players should look somewhere else
  • Song lessons are limited and sometimes incomplete

Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar is a world famous magazine covering everything guitar related. They have an extensive library of guitar lessons aimed at the intermediate guitar player. You can learn several techniques from famous guitarists at their Riff Rundown section where they teach famous riffs step by step.

There is also an extensive guide on the CAGED System and several lessons covering Blues and Shredding techniques. Unfortunately, there is a lack of an structured curriculum that teaches you step by step. Overall, is a good free resource to stay up to date in the latest trends in the guitar world.

You should start on their how to lessons covering amps and guitar mods, gigging advice and recording tips. You can also read through their extensive reviews on guitar, amps and pedals that can educate you on the latest guitar gear.


  • Tips and tricks from the pros
  • No registration fee
  • Latest news on guitar gear


  • Lack of a structured curriculum
  • Very few full song lessons
  • Limited lessons for beginners

Active Melody

Active melody has a very interesting method. Instead of having a core curriculum like other websites, they offer one lesson a week, Brian the founder of Active Melody teaches all lessons.

Every Friday a new lesson becomes available, at the moment there are over 250 lessons in their library. You can follow along through the on screen tablature and there are extra videos playing the same material at slower tempos making it easier to follow.

Brian has an unique teaching philosophy, he doesn’t teach you to play songs from other people and focuses on transforming your ideas into your own songs.

He accomplishes that by teaching concepts like rhythm, playing through chord changes and percussive fingerstyle. Although there are no step by step curriculum you can find what you’re looking for by using the search box on the lessons page.

The legendary actor James Woods is a member, here is what he has to say about active melody.

“The guitar is God’s way of saying carry on and live life to the fullest. You and have made it a lot easier and a lot more fun to do just that.” James Woods


  • Unique lessons
  • Super affordable
  • Friendly members and an active forum


  • Brian doesn’t teach popular songs
  • Narrow lesson library


Just like your local music school that offers weekly lessons with a structured curriculum, YourGuitarAcademy allows you to have private lessons with a qualified teacher all over the UK.

The good thing is they created an awesome free online school for students from around the world.

Here is how they teach:

  • Guitar Skills
  • Player Studies
  • Guitar Gym
  • Theory Lab
  • Song Jukebox

Guitar Skills

Building fundamental guitar skills is the aim of this section, here you can expect to learn barre and power chords, scales, strumming, the CAGED system and lead guitar foundations.

Player Studies

In the player studies lessons you will learn the style and techniques of legendary guitarists like David Gilmour and Carlos Santana. They breakdown famous riffs and tone and provide insights on how you can incorporate these techniques into your own playing. For example, at their Stevie Ray Vaughan master class you will learn how to play slow texas blues and shuffle.

Guitar Gym

If you have troubles with your practice routine, Guitar Gym can help you develop stamina strength and accuracy. The lessons in this section covers several pentatonic workouts, building sequences from different shapes and speed building techniques.

Theory Lab

Many great guitarists are self taught and mostly play by ear but learning music theory is crucial to advance your musicianship. In the lab get ready to learn scale harmonization, triad construction and modes.

Song JukeBox

Learning songs is great fun, but is pointless if you don’t understand what you are playing. In Song Jukebox you can learn several songs and the theory underlying it. A lot of the songs reinforce concepts taught in previous lessons.


  • Amazing free resource for guitarists of all levels
  • Quality instruction
  • Player studies where you learn licks and riffs from legends


  • Some instructors lack enthusiasm
  • Could be easier to find lessons

Infinite Guitar

Targeted for the serious guitar player looking to skyrocket his guitar playing, InfiniteGuitar is absolutely incredible. The site is the mecca of modern guitar instruction, offering guitar lessons

from mind blowing performers like Martin Miller, Tom Quayle and Al Joseph.

There is a wealth of tutorials covering modern techniques in several styles of music:

  • Classical
  • Fusion
  • Rock Metal
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Acoustic
  • Funk
  • Country
  • Latin

As a member you have access to downloadable backing tracks, detailed tabs and notation, lesson bookmarking, GuitarPro files and direct messaging between members. Besides over 2800 lessons available, there are guitar studies focused on teaching you specific concepts. You can learn to play through the changes, linking different modes, how to superimpose scales, alternate picking and techniques from great players like Guthrie Govan. One thing that makes Infinite Guitar to stand out, is the massive amount of master classes and tutorials about self recording. They cover everything from setting up pedals, re-amping, gain staging and how to get the best tone out of your gear. There are also extensive lessons in soldering, you will learn how to fix technical problems like changing pickups, fixing jacks and repairing cables. Another great feature is the ability to control the speed of the interactive tab making it a breeze to learn fast and complex sections. You can also filter your search query to select only lessons suitable for your current level. In the studies section you can learn topics that focus on teaching a specific technique or concept. It feels similar to a in-person guitar workshops with the added benefit of learning from several teachers at the same time.

Things you will learn:

  • Alternate Picking
  • Metal Songwriting
  • Vibrato
  • Fretboard visualization
  • Alternate Tunings
  • String Skipping
  • Exploring Harmonics

Lesson Plans is where you can focus on learning tailored to your current level of guitar playing.

There are 3 paths to follow:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


In this section they expect you to learn the name of the strings, basic strumming patterns and keeping a good posture.


After gaining a solid foundation in this section you will learn 16th notes displacements, harmonics, pedal tone legato, string bending and hybrid scales.


As an advanced player you should focus on playing through the changes, odd time signatures, blazing fast sweep picking and finger tapping techniques.


  • Qualified instructors from all over the world
  • Awesome lessons to skyrocket your guitar playing to new heights
  • Great learning resources
  • Extra tutorials on guitar recording technology


  • Site navigation not so user friendly
  • Not so much value for beginners

Emedia Guitar Method

Endorsed by the great Peter Frampton, Emedia Guitar Method is a learning guitar software developed to teach you the guitar. There are 175 lessons and 70 songs available, suits the novice guitar players. It teaches by enforcing repetition and introduces new concepts chronologically.

By following the method it expected that you learn the basics of music theory, how to construct chords, how to read tab and standard notation and how to use a metronome.

One downside to the method is the fact you can’t track your progress and there is a limited amount of video lessons.

Notable features are:

  • Variable tempo midi tracks for each lesson
  • The ability to tune your guitar automatically
  • Chord Dictionary


  • Great value
  • Detailed curriculum
  • Good learning resources


  • Limited songs available
  • You can’t track your progress


An interesting option for beginner guitarists. focus on teaching you the guitar by learning songs. You can learn Acoustic, Electric, Solos, Technique, Strumming and Chords. Through the lessons you will learn concepts like chord embellishments, strumming patterns, pentatonic licks and popular songs.

It features several tools to help you improve your playing:

  • Online Tuner
  • Online Metronome
  • Jam Tracks
  • Free Chord Chart
  • Guitar Pro Tabs

Tony Fontana is a teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching guitar.

We recommend as one of the best resources out there for beginners. You can try the whole site for just $1. If you continue after the trial, the subscription costs $9 a month.


  • Experienced teacher
  • Fun and engaging lessons
  • Great for complete beginners


  • Less than 300 HD lessons
  • Tony is the only teacher and has no formal training


One of the best resources to learn the guitar, founded by Hal Leonard Corporation, one of the leading publishers of music education. There are lessons from over 100 teachers, including a stellar rooster of players like Chris Buono, Greg Koch, Joe Bonamassa and Jason Becker to name a few.

With a G-Pass you have access to over 1,000 guitar lessons, 550 song lessons, and over 1000 backing tracks. Every lesson has additional resources like the G-Plus file, a new format where you have complete control over playback speed, the ability to loop specific parts and an unique features developed to isolate guitar parts from the backing track. There are also several accurate tabs teaching you to play popular songs like Stairway to Heaven and Pride and Joy.

The site is mobile friendly and supports IOS and Android, there are also several excellent practice resources to help you get the most out of your practice time.

If you are just starting out, you can jump right in and learn right away. After choosing what type of Guitar you want to learn, Classical like Paco de Lucia or Electric like Eric Clapton you can option to follow Hal Leonard traditional method suited for beginners.

At you learn how to play guitar in these styles of music:

  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Blues
  • Country and Folk


  • Over 100 top-notch instructors
  • Unique interactive PDF files accompanying every lesson
  • Diverse Curriculum


  • Site navigation can be improved
  • Some videos are outdated and were not filmed in HD.


The ChordBook teaches guitar in a unique and entertaining way. It has several mini-apps built-in to help you visualize scales and chords. You can select the desired chord or scale you want to learn and with the help of a virtual guitar fretboard you can immediately apply what you learned.

There is also an awesome tuner for several tunings like:

  • Standard
  • D major
  • Drop D
  • C major
  • D minor
  • G major

In the learn guitar section there are videos that will teach you:

  • Anatomy of the guitar
  • How to play beginners lead guitar
  • Common chord progressions
  • Modes and Scales
  • The circle of fifths
  • Harmonized Triads

The ChordBook is a good website to keep as a reference but is not a complete solution for your guitar education.


  • Interactive web apps
  • Awesome tool for novices to learn chords and scales at lightning speed


  • The site doesn’t’ get updated on a regular basis.
  • Some lessons feel incomplete


ActionTab is an educational software mimicking a guitar fretboard, an effective way for complete beginners to start their guitar learning journey.

ActionTab features over 50 guitar lessons and several songs. They add new lessons and songs regularly but unlike other guitar softwares out there, ActionTab can’t buy and you need to sign-up for a monthly subscription that costs almost the same as in-person guitar lessons. Through animated graphics, videos and illustrations ActionTab provides an experience similar to watching someone plays in front of you.

If you would like to know more about a certain technique just click the question button available on the bottom right side of the interface. A new window pop-ups giving you extra resources and information to further your understanding of the chosen topic.

It lacks some interactive features and there is no way to track your progress. The lessons are also limited with no ear training and music theory lessons.


  • Easy and practical way for novices to start learning immediately
  • Teaches several popular songs along with real recordings for further assistance


  • Expensive
  • Interface design is a bit clunky and feels a bit outdated

National Guitar Academy

If you are looking for easy digestible lessons, then look no further, National Guitar Academy could be the place for you.

You will learn the guitar from a seasoned musician that played all over the world and has over 18 years of experience, his name is Mike Kennedy and he will teach you how to express yourself on the guitar. His philosophy is clear, to make you improve fast, reach your musical goals and stop struggling.

There is a varied selection of guitar lessons covering scales, chords, rhythm and songwriting on the guitar. When you sign-up for the National Guitar Academy mailing list, you will receive free lessons straight to your inbox.

If you bought your first guitar and are eager to learn, start with their 11-step beginners guide, an excellent resource to get you up to speed and playing songs in no time.

Things you will learn in the National Guitar Academy beginners roadmap.

  • How to hold a pick the right way
  • Tuning and Tools
  • 10 easy songs for beginners
  • Effective practice routines
  • How to strum with musicality

There is also a podcast where Mike explains several techniques, music theory and guitar gear.


  • Free
  • A wealth of knowledge sent straight to your Inbox.
  • Great resource for novices and intermediates alike


  • The flow of the lessons is unorganized


What are the best places to learn the guitar in 2019?

Learning how to play the guitar has never been easier, there is a plethora of several options to choose from.

Weather is subscription sites, educational software or online private lessons, you can learn how to play the guitar tailored to your goals and motivations.

Get your guitar, grab a cup of coffee and start learning, playing guitar is a great joy and gives you skills you can apply to other areas of your life.


Starting out as a beginner can frustrate and overwhelm so choosing the right resources it’s paramount to keep you motivated. We think Andy Guitar, Fender Play, GuitarTricks and National Guitar Academy are excellent resources to keep you motivated and excited to keep improving.


Your main priority as an intermediate, is to avoid getting stuck on a rut and to keep developing your playing through proper guitar routine so you can keep evolving. The best resources are Guitareo, JamPlay and TrueFire.


As an advanced player it’s imperative to keep learning to further develop your technical skills and musicianship. You need to learn from the masters; we think InfiniteGuitar, TrueFire and GuitarInstructor offer amazing value for you.

Ready to start your journey and learn to play like the masters? We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive guide on the best places to learn guitar in 2019.

Be patient and remember to always have fun!

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