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Beat Box

Stained American White Ash Headliner Series Cajons Meinl
  • Create drum set grooves with bass and snare notes using your hands — the wood playing surface has two zones for bass and snare — play with your hands toward the center for deep bass or strike near...
  • Perfect for live acoustic music — the Meinl Headliner String cajon is made for settings like acoustic coffee house sets, open mic nights, houses of worship and spontaneous jam sessions — this...
  • Adjustable steel cajon strings for snare effect — spanning against the inside of the playing surface are micro-coiled steel cajon strings that deliver a crisp snare sound — string tension is...
  • American white ash/modern composite, full size — the American white ash playing surface along with modern composite body dish out cutting slap tones, deep bass and respond to soft finger rolls or...

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Beat Box is a dynamic boxing + fitness boot camp. In this exciting 9 round bout, you will throw hooks, crosses, jabs and uppercuts with aqua-filled heavy bags throughout the class. After four rounds of standard boxing, you will complete four rounds of intense training using free weights and high-impact cardio. The core component of the Boot Camp is breathing and cardio, so all of your training will be a workout that builds muscle and stamina.

The core focus of this Boot Camp is "beat boxing" and percussive sounds, or more specifically, two parallel bars on the floor that create an intensity level of sound that creates muscular contraction and weight movement. You and your coach will use a cardio coach to customize a workout routine that best suits you and a warm-up and cool down the regime. The Boot Camp instructor provides proper alignment, technique,, speed, and force training and teaches students to work as a team.

The Beat Box Team has a full range of exciting workouts for both amateurs and professionals. The most basic Beat Box class focuses on basic strength and coordination. It is designed to help participants develop grace and coordination through hand techniques and dynamic force. The basic class will include:

  • A one-quarter-inch foam ball.
  • A broomstick.
  • Two water bottles.
  • A foot pedal.
  • A mouth piece.

As participants progress, additional equipment is added to the routines, such as a kickboxing partner, a partner's foam ball, two microphones, a digital video recorder, and more.

Beat Box has become well known internationally due to appearances on popular television shows such as Comedy Centrals, The Daily Show, Last Comic Standing, Children's Hospital, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show and through independent movies videos. This art form was featured on the cover of " Guinness World Record" for the largest number of original songs in history. In addition to being known for their innovative music and dance routines, many artists have been inspired to create their versions of the Beat Box hip-hop style. Protests have erupted across the globe over the lack of accessible beats. In addition, artists have created videos that mock the police and government attempts to enforce copyright laws preventing rap artists from using certain recording tools.

Beat boxes have also been used as a means to provide medical assistance. For example, they are often used by paramedics to create rhythms for an ambulance siren. Other uses include monitoring blood pressure in a hospital or intensive care unit, and they can be programmed to play specific music to help alleviate patient symptoms. An increasing number of hospitals are now using electronic rhythm set devices as a form of medical alerting.

Hip hop musicians have also taken advantage of this technology by creating recordings using only two words--" Beat" and "Box". These demonstrations use musical synthesizers with special effects to make it seem like the band is in the studio producing a commercially successful track. This has become a trend in the independent hip-hop community and has even crossed over into mainstream pop music.

There are many professional beatbox artists who perform using a special kind of drum called a percussive head. This electronic equipment allows performers to build rhythmic beats out of nothing more than two notes played against each other. This new style of beat making can be used to produce percussive beats out of practically any source, like drums, keyboard synthesizers, or guitar. It's the linking of vocals and musical elements that separate this new breed of artist from its predecessors. Many of these newer artists who are starting today began performing as a hobby before discovering their true calling and today are making an enormous impact on the industry.

While the beats may be similar, the artists creating them are as diverse as their musical influences. If you're looking for a new form of exercise, then beatboxing is definitely not what you need. However, if you want to channel your anger, frustration, or creativity into something productive, then beatboxing is the way to go. You'll never find a better workout tool to unleash your inner beast inside! Just do a Google search for "beatboxing" or "percussive beats" and start listening to some amazing beats!