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Open Back Headphones For Gaming

audio-technica ATH-AD900X Open-Back Audiophile Headphones,Black
  • Open-air Headphones Deliver Clear, Natural Vocal and Instrumental Reproduction.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Large-aperture 53mm Drivers and CCAW Voice Coils For Superior Sound Reproduction
  • No Sense Of Pressure On The Ears, Resulting In A Completely Natural Sensation
  • 3d Wing Support Housing Offers A Vibration-proof Mechanism That Provides Comfortable Support For A Better Listening Experience

Buyer's Guide: Open Back Headphones For Gaming

How To Choose The Open Back Headphones For Gaming

When you're looking for a new set of headphones for gaming, you should pay close attention to open back headphones. Although these headphones can be used in many different situations, they are especially useful for gamers. Because there is no noise cancellation, there is also no distortion. The result is an extremely crisp and clear sound that does not get muffled easily.

Open back headphones are basically earphones with the rear of the earphones open. The open design lets sound and air to freely pass though the ear canal. Because there is not much distortion, the drivers are able to hear the surrounding environment very well, and there is little to none of aural distortion. While they are designed primarily for gaming use, they are great for any type of music listening as well.

Frequency Response: This feature is one of the most important features when comparing headphones of varying brands. The ability to reproduce sound at a constant volume level is what makes the difference between a good set of headphones and a bad one. The majority of these headsets will only offer a forty-five degree frequency response. This is far from ideal, because it means that all sounds will sound bass heavy or off balance. The more expensive models will have a sixty-forty degree frequency response, which will provide great sound quality and great bass but won't tire you out quickly.

Soundstage: The ability of headphones to reproduce sound in a comfortable and natural manner is another factor in deciding which ones to buy. Speakers will have a great soundstage, but they can also make sounds overly tinny or distorted. Headphones with a soundstage will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game you are listening to, which will greatly improve your gaming experience.

Build Quality: Durability and build quality often go hand in hand when you are buying something as important as headphones. The build quality will be affected by the materials used in the construction of the headset. If you are looking for a set of headphones that will last and be comfortable, choose ones made from high quality materials such as leather. However, if comfort is not an issue then you should opt for the standard synthetic plastic materials. The standard materials will typically cost less than the high quality leather styles so you may want to start out with the former.

Stereo Connectivity: Audio devices with headphones have to work with speakers or a headset. Some sets will work better with specific types of audio devices. The open-back headphone design makes compatibility very easy, but it is always wise to double check to ensure compatibility. You do not want to go out and purchase a new pair only to find out it does not work with your iPod or car audio system. The most expensive headphones offer the best audio quality so if money is not a factor then look at the top brands such as Sennheiser and Philips.

Comfort Level: Open-back headphones have smaller earcups than standard studio headphones which makes them more comfortable. However, they also have a smaller battery. In order to maximize the comfort level, you should get headphones with a standard earcup size, a long cable and a 6.3 mm adapter. The larger ear cushions help add comfort, while the longer cable ensures that you will not get frustrated while working on your project.

Frequency Response: It is very important to test the headphones at different volumes to make sure that they will provide a good bass response and high frequency response. The open soundstage feature allows the user to listen to their music or videos at any volume. Many users also like to use headphones while they are working on their computer or doing other computer applications. If you need something with a great frequency response, then closed headphones would be better because of the lack of open soundstage.