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Telecaster Pickups

Fender Tex-Mex Telecaster Single-Coil Pickups - Set of 2
  • Set of two single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • Overwound for tight, clear bass, crisp highs and maximum output
  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Installation hardware included

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A Telecaster is a great guitar model for players who enjoy playing smooth jazz and psychedelic music. The Fender Vintage Nickel Telecaster pickup provides vintage-style Telecaster tone using enamel-plated steel polepieces and Alnico 3 mini-pots. Noiseless electronics deliver the clean, open tone with little-to-no noise and vibration. These pickup units work great with most guitars. No need to fret.

Telecaster Pickups are designed with two types of magnets. The vintage nickel versions are made with a magnetized coil that is plated steel. The aluminum pole pieces of these telecaster pickups have an inner magnet field that is magnetic. This creates a magnetic field that carries both high-frequency energy from the amplifier, and low-frequency noise from the pickup's ferrous pickup wire.

Another version of the telecaster pickups has a dual magnet structure. This produces a signal that is smoother and more consistent. Its modern design is also quieter than the older designs. The pickup's coils, instead of being metal covered, are covered with copper wire. This is also a modern invention that makes these pickups suitable for use on the electric guitar.

Many modern guitar players favor the single-coil Telecaster pickup. Telecaster guitars are also known as acoustic guitars because they were actually used in the early bands that would play live gigs. These groups included such famous musicians as Eric Clapton, Buddy King, and John Paul Jones. Other prominent guitarists who are credited with creating a new style of lead guitar played using Telecasters include Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Steve Vai. The popularity of these guitars is attributed to their rock and blues based sounds that come from using only one coil of the pickup's magnet.

Single-coil pickups are commonly used to produce the single tone, which is the basic tone that defines electric guitars. They are also sometimes designed specifically to produce jazz guitar tones. The advantage of using a single-coil pickup is that the tone can be changed quickly without having to modify the instrument's wiring. A humbucker, on the other hand, uses two coils to provide a deeper tone. It is often used to provide the deeper tone found in the classic rhythm guitar.

Alnico magnets are the best telecaster pickups for a number of reasons. First, they are strong and heavy, unlike other types of magnets, making them highly resistant to scratching. Second, they do not lose their magnetic field like most other magnets. This ensures that they will not change when placed near an object that may reduce the overall intensity of the pickup's sound. Thirdly, they are more efficient than dual-coil pickups because they use twice the energy to produce the same output.

Telecaster bridge pickups are used to attach the neck of the instrument to the bridge. Bridge pickups are designed to resonate the strings of a guitar without using the amplifier's power. This allows a guitar player to create more powerful basses by eliminating the need for a larger amplifier. However, a Telecaster neck pickup can also lead to over-tuning due to its ability to produce a more intense tone.

Neck pickups are also widely used in various styles of acoustic and electric guitar. However, they tend to create a less defined tone than that of the bridge pickups. One of the advantages of using a Telecaster bridge pickup is that it can also be mounted onto a tremolo unit or a whammy bar. This allows a player to play along with a variety of different acoustic guitarists and musical genres. Finally, a Telecaster neck pickup can also replace a single-coil pickup because it has the same amount of power but can also create a more defined tone.